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Linux Networking Tools

Ns-3 is primarily developed for Linux platforms, but it can also run in Windows, using Linux emulation environment called Cygwin, or virtual machine. The ns-3 software is built on C++, i.e. it is a library containing a set of network simulation modules implemented as C++ objects.Simulation scripts, which interact with this library, can be written in C++ or Python. The existing library of modules allows simulating popular wireless networks in a simple way, by writing a simulation script.Ns-3 is open source software.

Reasons behind Choosing NS-3 Linux Networking tools?

  • Can easily modify the source code.
  • Distribute the modified version of software.
  • Redistribute the software without any restrictions.
  • Can easily access the source code.
  • Ns3 Linux Networking Tools is widely used to simulate various network domains because of its simplicity and flexibility.

By using ns3 we can simulate the following network types

  • Disruption/delay tolerant network.
  • Multihop cellular network.
  • Telecommunication network.
  • Cooperative network.
  • Virtual private network.
  • SDN.
  • 5G.
  • Social sensor network.
  • Wireless body area network.
  • Machine to machine communication network etc.

Advantages of open source network software:

  • Reliability and quality.
  • Every one finds bugs.
  • Small or no charge cost.
  • Availability of external support.
  • Flexibility.
  • Reduces “Vendor Lock-in”.