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Network Simulators Comparison

Network simulator:

  • A network simulator is a technique of implementing the network on the computer.
  • Through this the behavior of the network is calculated either by network entities interconnection using mathematical formulas, or by capturing and playing back observations from a production network

Comparison of network simulators:

The network simulators are of different types which can be compared on the basis of:

  • Range (from the very simple to the very complex)
  • Specifying the nodes and links between those nodes and traffic between the nodes
  • Specify everything about the protocols used to handle traffic in a network
  • Graphical applications (allow users to easily visualize the workings of their simulated environment.)
  • Text-based applications (permit more advanced forms of customization)
  • Programming-oriented tools
Name of the simulatorLanguagePlatforms 

Cost and Licenses


Network support type
Ns2C++ and OTClWindows, LinuxFree, Open SourceWired Network,Wireless Ad-Hoc mode,Wireless Managed mode,Wired cum Wireless,Cannot simulate problems of the bandwidth or the power consumption in Wireless Sensor Network
Ns3C++, pythonWindows, Linux, Mac OSFree, GNU General Public LicenseWired Network,Wireless Network,Wireless Sensor Network
OMNeT++C++Windows, Unix-based, Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7Free, Noncommercial license, commercial licenseWired Network,Wireless Managed mode,
OPNETC(C++)Hewlett-Packard, Sun-4 SPARCVarious, Solaris 2.6, 7 8Microsoft Windows NT 4.0/Windows 2000Required System Patches-Commercial network simulatorsimulate entire heterogeneous networks with various protocols
QualNetC++MAC os, Unix, WindowsCommercial network simulatorwireless, wired and mixed-platform network
JSIMJava, TclPlatform independentFree, Open SourceWired Network,Wireless Network,Wireless Sensor Network,radio channels and power consumptions
NetSimJavaMac os and windowsCommercial network simulator use at under graduate levelComputer Networks and Internets, voice and data communication
REALCDigital Unix/ SunOS/ Solaris/ IRIX/ BSD4.3/Ultrix /UMIPSFree for useFor studying the dynamic behavior of flow and congestion control schemes in packet-switched data networks