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NS3 Cognitive Network Projects

Cognitive Networks is a leading provider of real-time services powered by Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology.It enabling the fundamental transformation of the way viewers consume TV while delivering a platform for content producers and TV networks to increase customer engagement, grow their audiences, and increase the value of the TV viewing experience for all audience.

Classification of cognitive network:

Cognitive networks can be broadly divided into two categories. There are,

  • Autonomous cognitive networking.
  • Distributed cognitive networking.

Features of cognitive network

  • Interference management strategies.
  • Efficient use of wireless resources.
  • Safe and secure wireless access methodologies.
  • Excellent QoS etc.

Architecture of cognitive network:


Research area of cognitive networks:

  • Dynamic spectrum management.
  • Spectrum sensing and interference management.
  • Environment awareness.
  • Power and hardware efficiency.
  • Location awareness.
  • Distributed algorithm design.
  • User awareness.
  • Security.
  • Distributed spectrum management .

Sample code for cognitive network:


client.Add (CreateObject<Node> (0));
int numLeafNodesInAsZero = bth.GetNLeafNodesForAs (0);
client.Add (bth.GetLeafNodeForAs (0, numLeafNodesInAsZero - 1));
server.Add (CreateObject<Node> (1));
stack.Install (server);
int numLeafNodesInAsOne = bth.GetNLeafNodesForAs (1);
server.Add (bth.GetLeafNodeForAs (1, numLeafNodesInAsOne - 1));
p2p.SetDeviceAttribute ("DataRate", StringValue ("5Mbps"));
p2p.SetChannelAttribute ("Delay", StringValue ("2ms"));
NetDeviceContainer CRDevices;
NetDeviceContainer p2pServerDevices;
CRDevices = p2p.Install (client);
p2pServerDevices = p2p.Install (server);
address.SetBase ("", "");
Ipv4InterfaceContainer clientInterfaces;
clientInterfaces = address.Assign (CRDevices);
address.SetBase ("", "");
Ipv4InterfaceContainer serverInterfaces;
serverInterfaces = address.Assign (p2pServerDevices);
if (!nix)
Ipv4GlobalRoutingHelper::PopulateRoutingTables ();
//Moved here to get totalRX at end
ApplicationContainer sinkApps;
if (systemId == 1)
Address sinkLocalAddress (InetSocketAddress (Ipv4Address::GetAny (), port));
PacketSinkHelper packetSinkHelper ("ns3::TcpSocketFactory", sinkLocalAddress);
sinkApps.Add (packetSinkHelper.Install (server.Get (0)));
sinkApps.Start (Seconds (0.0));
sinkApps.Stop (Seconds (10.0));
if (systemId == 0)
OnOffHelper clientHelper ("ns3::TcpSocketFactory", Address ());
clientHelper.SetAttribute ("OnTime", StringValue ("ns3::ConstantRandomVariable[Constant=1]"));
clientHelper.SetAttribute ("OffTime", StringValue ("ns3::ConstantRandomVariable[Constant=0]"));
ApplicationContainer clientApps;
AddressValue remoteAddress (InetSocketAddress (serverInterfaces.GetAddress (0), port));
clientHelper.SetAttribute ("Remote", remoteAddress);
clientApps.Add (clientHelper.Install (client.Get (0)));