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Ns3 Multicast Routing Projects

NS3 is an important network simulation tool to produce discrete event network simulator for various internet systems. We adopt NS3 simulation with open source development environment. We offer M.TECH thesis in NS3 simulation to design various application in wires and wireless network. We develop M.TECH thesis in NS3 simulation with related network projects for final year students. We support M.TECH computer science and communication based final year students develop projects in networking. We develop fuzzy based application to implement effective multimedia network application we support NS3 as stationary & mobile nodes based wireless network design by simulation.

Multicast network NS3 SIMULATION:
We provide multicast group with sender & receiver. We create connection among sender & receiver in which every protocol makes tree or mesh based routing structure. We enhance forwarding nodes in routing which act as router to forward packets to receiver.
Nodes in multicast:
We implements multicast node from Springer papers which act as group member or forwarding node as tree or mesh nodes. We provide routing structure upstream node of another node is close to tree route. When two nodes belong to same link then upstream node referred as parent node. Sender initially flood join message to all network nodes. This type of tree referred as sender tree based construction. We assure multicast group composed of various sender & receiver. Some protocol select single sender to built multicast tree called group leader or root node. Group leader share the packets to all nodes in downstream.


Fuzzy scheduler:
We implement fuzzy scheduler to find out path among source and destination we determine routing decision in fuzzy scheduler by packet priority value. To compute packet priority we consider algorithm with input parameters. By this algorithm we use fuzzy scheduler to determine packet value priority index. We consider packet lifetime & transmission rate in fuzzy scheduler which given as input for fuzzy logic controller.

Fuzzy in multicast routing:
We used fuzzy based logic algorithm to create multicast routing. The algorithms are given as follows:
FAQM (Fuzzy algorithm for QOS multicast routing).
IMRMR (Improved rank based multicast routing).

We developed more than 75+Ns3 Multicast Routing Projects with the algorithms in NS3 simulation.
FAQM: We provide fuzzy algorithm for QOS multicast routing composed of swarm intelligent fuzzy logic theory. We use this algorithm to satisfy QOS factors such as jitter, delay and bandwidth. We maintain multicast group members to forward & receive multicast data.
IMRMR (improved rank based multicast routing):
In this algorithm, we select multicast routing protocol path based on values obtained from number of hops, efficiency selected path, traffic state, bandwidth and power consumption. We evaluate IMRMR with existing path by using above parameters.