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Mobile Computing Projects with Source Code

        Generally, our well-equipped research professionals have illustrated the substantial notes about the mobile computing over this article. Firstly, we have highlighted the most emerging research topics for mobile computing projects.

  • Multipath routing protocol using genetic algorithm in mobile ad hoc networks
  • Hybrid wormhole attack detection in mobile ad hoc network (MANET)
  • Line of sight aware accurate collaborative localization based on joint TDoA and AoA measurements in UWB-MIMO environment
  • Blockchain and honeypot based defense mechanism for multi attacks detection using 5G mobile edge computing and IoT environment

       As an additional note, our technical experts have provided the sample source code based on OMNeT++ in mobile computing. In OmNeT++, the source code is stored with the file extension of .cc and .h then the network files is stored with .ned.

  • Node configuration



        wlan[*].mgmtType = default(“Ieee80211MgmtAdhoc”); 

        string routingProtocol @enum(“AODVUU”,”DYMOUM”,”DYMO”,”DSRUU”,”OLSR”,”OLSR_ETX”,”DSDV_2″,”Batman”) = default(“”); 

        IPForward = default(true);


   manetrouting: <routingProtocol> like IManetRouting if routingProtocol != “” {

            @display(“p=522,307”);        }

  • Node status and register the nodes

        NodeStatus *nodeStatus = dynamic_cast<NodeStatus *>(findContainingNode(this)->getSubmodule(“status”));

        isOperational = (!nodeStatus) || nodeStatus->getState() == NodeStatus::UP;

        IPSocket ipSocket(gate(“ipOut”));




      To this end, we hope that we have provided the enough knowledge about the functions of mobile computing. Reach us to acquire more.