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Artificial Neural Network or ANN is a network designed to work like a human brain. Artificial neural network projects are exponentially preferred by research scholars.It can solve many human problems, transfer messages, etc. 

  • ANN is a replica of the neural network of living beings. 
  • ANN learns from the input and output fed to it

In the following sections, let us have a complete understanding of ANN. First, let us start with the definition of ANN.


  • ANN is the network that is structured based on the human brain 
  • It functions according to the data sent and received
  • ANN deals with nonlinear information forming various patterns.

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The following are the major algorithms for ANN training. 

  • Competitive learning
  • Hopfield network law
  • Hebbian learning rule
  • LMS algorithm 
  • Self-organizing Kohonen rule 

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 The following are the parts of the ANN structure

  • Introduction of input and initialization of weights is done at the input layer
  • The hidden layer computes the values of weights
  • Output layer computes, compares, and adjusts the data and error.

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Implementing Artificial Neural Network Projects


The following are the major research challenges in ANN 

  • Classification of content
  • Cleaning data
  • The huge volume of data
  • Constraints on consumption and power
  • Increased errors during training
  • Storage constraints 
  • Time constraints
  • More number of connected devices 

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 Following is the list of research topics in ANN and their solutions as suggested by our subject experts.

  • Virtual Reality
    • Management of resources – DNN
    • Video prediction view – SNN
    • Coding and decoding in VR – CNN
    • User movement in VR – RNN
    • Combination of the wireless environment and VR users – RNN
    • Correcting faulty images in VR – CNN
    • Correlation of content – CNN
    • Movement of VR users – RNN
  • Multi-RAT
    • Modeling of the channel using mmWave – SNN
    • Multi-RAT BSS handover – RNN
    • Tilting antenna – DNN
    • Linking Multi-RAT mmWave – DNN
    • Estimation of the channel – SNN
    • Detecting links in LoS – CNN
  • Computing and caching
    • Allocation of resources – RNN
    • Predicting demand – SNN
    • Method of transmitting content – RNN
    • Time Prediction – SNN
    • User-task cluster – CNN
    • Analysis of correlating content – RL based on CNN
  • UAV
    • UE UAVs handover – RNN
    • Management of resources – DNN
    • Predicting UE UAV trajectory – algorithm based on SNN
    • Planning of path in UAV – RL algorithm based on RNN
    • Modeling of channel for Air to the ground – SNN
  • IoT
    • Autonomous M2M communication modeling- FNN
    • Managing IoT devices – SNN
    • Managing resources – RNN
    • Extracting information relations – RNN
    • Identifying users – DNN
    • Compressing and recovering data – CNN

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