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M.TECH Communication Projects

M.TECH Communication Projects is the process of sharing information or message among networks or system. We offer M.E communication projects for computer science and electronic engineering students. Also, We develop M.Tech communication projects with domain as cellular technology, microwave communication, wireless technology, modern digital communication and optical communication from Springer papers. We determine M.E communication academic project with analysis of efficient communication strategy, attack less routing protocol, adaptive topology formation, wireless sensor network, wireless mesh network and also other wireless communication network.

Communication project:

We also provide M.TECH Communication Projects which involves WSN communication, D2D Communication, Adhoc & wireless network. Also, We adopt wireless network with sensor device, WI-FI, Bluetooth and WI-MAX for data transmission. We operate satellite and cognitive network with radio frequency signal for fast communication process. Also, We adopt optical fiber communication with optical cable for fast communication. Our main aid of communication project is attaining effective communication process with minimum cost.M.E-communication project provide unimaginable techniques, methods also for lifting wireless communication to next level.

M Tech Communication Projects

Factors affecting proper communication:

In data communication we also examine the affected factors are link failure, overlapping, improper path channel, power loss, message overhead and congestion control. We discussed about some affecting factors & remedies. Quality of service aware multicast routing protocol for Adhoc


We also provide wireless Adhoc network as independent and infrastructure service feature to mobile user. To enhance wireless communication efficiency we join QOS & multicast routing algorithm as Adhoc QOS multicast routing protocol. This algorithm performs tracking operation to extract resource availability also in each network node. We perform free bandwidth reservation by ongoing session and requirement by neighbors.

Multi hop links for energy saving in WSN:

We provide wireless sensor network with various sensor elements which use sensor node for data transmission. Also, We equip sensor node with limited battery power & computation energy. We provide power aware techniques to automatically adjust power level in multi hop links.

Fuzzy logic based congestion control for wireless multimedia sensor network:

We handle congestion which is a major issue affecting multimedia communication in WMSN. It happened in network path due to traffic which in turn cause loss of data and delay in WMSN. We establish fuzzy logic based congestion control algorithm to estimate and mitigate congestion. Also, We determine fuzzy logic systems which collect input value from various layers and common inputs are data rate, neighbors queue length, incoming packet number, local queue length and outgoing packet number in fuzzy logic input system.

Power aware energy efficient algorithm for link failure condition in WSN:

Link failure number is increased in wireless sensor network due to node mobility & power loss. We developed more than 85+ projects in communication with various techniques. Also, We adopt power aware energy efficient scheduling algorithm to detect link failure in data communication path and automatically select next low power and shortest path for reliable data delivery services.