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NS3 Simulation Examples

NS3 Simulation Examples – Process of Ns3 simulation:

  • Simulation-schedules events to occur at specific times for example schedule the receipt of this packet after some delay.
  • NS3 Simulation Examples is over when event queue is empty, or at a scheduled stop event at user specified time.
  • Simulation-time moves discretely from event to event.
  • Simulator::Run() method starts processing events from the queue one by one.
  • Events invoke a function, implemented using callbacks etc.

Random variable in ns3:

From many type of distributions, it supports pseudo random number. It’s as follows,

  • Uniform.
  • Normal.
  • Constant.
  • Exponential.
  • Traingular.
  • Weibull.
  • LogNormal.
  • Pareto.
  • Users can also specify any arbitrary cumulative distribution function.
  • RandomWalk2dMobilityModel, OnOffApplication models also use this generators.

Network Simulation Examples as follows,

UniformVariable x(0, 100);

Int r=x.GetValue();

Ns–3 random number generators (RNGs) produced guaranteed independent streams of values.

For example,

UniformVariable x(0,100);

 UniformVariable y(0,100);