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Vehicular AD HOC Network Projects

Vehicular AD HOC Network Projects is used to provide communication among vehicles in road side unit to avoid accident and other applications. We offer vehicular Adhoc network projects for academic with long list of application, algorithm & protocol to protect driver life from unpredictable accidents. Our main aspect of vehicular Adhoc network project for student is to ensure secure & efficient transportation service to roadway vehicles. We implemented more than 100+ projects in vanet with GPS receiver which collect geographic information, locate nodes and distance among node to ensure applications. The applications are security distance warning, internet accesses, vehicle collision warning, find out map location, sleep mode driving and driverless vehicle.

Advantages of vehicular Adhoc network:

We adopt the advantages in VANET are:

  • Ease to find out vehicle location.
  • Minimize traffic intensity.
  • Provide weather information.
  • Up to data traffic information.
  • Control vehicle current speed.

Communication technology in vehicular Adhoc network:

Vehicle digital positioning technology:We provide GPS, WI-FI, GPRS, WI-MAX is sensing system to accurately identify vehicle position and environment.
DTN:We determine VANET with DTN device to transmit all information to network nodes. We mainly use this to convey incoming vehicle on other path to centralized system and to find non traffic route at point of time.
Grid locks technique: By this technique we can enable to detect traffic density in roadside infrastructure then broadcast detected information to all nodes or vehicle in road side unit.
Communication type in vehicular Adhoc network:

We categories vehicular Adhoc network based on IEEE papers are:

  • Vehicle to vehicle communication.
    • Vehicle-to-infrastructure communication.
    • Vehicle to roadside communication.

Vehicle to vehicle communication:

We implement this communication for short range vehicular network provide fast & reliable real time safety mechanism.

Vehicle to infrastructure communication:

We adopt infrastructure communication with complete safety system for critical area. We use this system to analyze variable such as temperature, visibility, movements and structure health.

Vehicle to roadside communication:

We broadcast traffic & routing path information to all network nodes. By roadside communication we provide better solution for large VANET networks than wireless access point.

Recent development in vanet: We implemented following process in M.Tech project are:

Google drive less:

By this system, we can collect street information from GMAP with artificial intelligence software which enhances accuracy of automated driving system.

Dash navigation:

It permit driver to broadcast vehicle location and traffic information to other vehicle.

Future work:

In future, we provide vanet with electronic toll collection, check park availability, geographical location and non traffic route to ambulance service in an efficient way.