Ns3 Projects for B.E/B.Tech M.E/M.Tech PhD Scholars.  Phone-Number:9790238391   E-mail: ns3simulation@gmail.com

Network Simulation Tools

Network Simulation Tools Now a days lots of networking simulation tools are introduced and used by the students and researchers. From that ns3 is one network simulation tool.


  • Ns3 Aim is to replace venerable network simulator-2.
  • It’s a community-oriented open source developments and integration of open source tools and software 

Ns3 script structure:

  • Boilerplate : important for documentation
  • Modules includes: include header files
  • Ns-3 namespace: global declaration
  • Logging: optional
  • Main function: declare main function
  • Topology helpers: objects to combine distinct operations
  • Applications: on/off applications, UdpEchoClient/Server
  • Tracing: .tr and/or .pcap files
  • Simulator: start/end simulator, cleanup.

Event handler in NS-3:

  • Network Simulation Tools uses a template member function pointer to achieve type–safe and flexible event handlers.
  • Sample code defining event handler:

template <typename MEM, typename OBJ, typename T1, typename T2, typename T3>

static EventId schedule (Time const &time, MEM mem_ptr, OBJ obj, T1 a1, T2 a2, T3 a3);

  • From that mem_ptr is that function pointer and obj is the object that has function mem_ptr.
  • A1, a2, and a3 are all variables of any type.
  • Similar schedule function is defined for non-member functions for handlers.