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Open Source Network Simulator

Open Source Network Simulator lots of open source network simulators are available from that ns-3 is one of the efficient and moderate open source network simulator.


In ns3 waf play vital role.

  • Waf is a general purpose build system in ns-3.
  • This is used for configure, compile and install purposes.
  • It’s based upon the python languages.
  • Instead of using ./configure; make type ./waf in ns3.
  • waf not only builds ns–3 , it can be used to run example programs.

Uses of helpers in Ns3:

  • it’s used to allows for quick scenario/topology construction.
  • entities are not directly manipulated by the user one by one.
  • overlay API which allows manipulating these in groups.

Functionalities of Tracing in ns3:

  • lowest level functionalities are:
  • a queue drops a packet.
  • NetDevice receives a frame.
  • TCP congestion window changes.
  • Random sending application sends a packet etc.
  • This allows simulation writers access to exactly the interesting simulation info.
  • Use primary methods of data collection for analysis.
  • Use “hook” to generate PCAP output, collect statistics and results etc.
  • Uses a namespace resembling operating system paths to connect a callback to an event

For example,