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Network Simulators

Network Simulators – Need for network simulators:

  • Real systems are expensive, unavailable and also complex for this reason introduce network simulators
  • Goal is to build software simulation model of system and also to analyze, study, improve and develop network protocols
  • One of the advantage is also that relatively easy and less time consuming etc

Design goal and motivation for network simulator 3:

  • It also supports multi platforms
  • Quick understandability also for programmer
  • Inject real packets also into real networks
  • Real world design philosophy/concepts like network stacks, sockets, and also network interfaces are true to real implementations
  • Ns-3 is also a open source and free to modify and also study etc.

Logging in ns3:

  • It also provides understanding the internals of model
  • Runtime messages indicating debugging info, and also soft errors/warning.
  • Can be runtime enable with LogComponentEnable
  • It should not used necessarily to trace the simulation, there is a separate tracing functionality

Command line arguments:

  • The primary use of command line arguments is to allow for command line configuration of simulation parameters
  • Can add custom command line arguments to modify
  • Example of command line arguments