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NS3 LTE Simulation Projects

NS3 LTE Simulation Projects is also recent prominent standard for mobile network technology. LTE abbreviated as long term evolution composed of simple architecture and also less number of network elements. We offer NS3 LTE simulation projects also for B.E, B.Tech, M.E, M.tech and Research scholars. Also, We design 4G based network application and models are implemented also by NS3 simulation. We analyze LTE Network performance by NS3 simulation Tool. And We also develop LTE wireless system based research projects for PhD research scholars. Also, We do final year projects with optimum result also for final year students under 4G wireless technology system.

LTE Features: We adopt the features in LTE projects are:

  • Self configuration also under investigation.
  • Access only packet switch domain and also circuit switch domain is not provided.
  • Scheduler handle various QoS classes because real time service also not possible in EUTRAN.

Technologies Used in LTE: We implement these technologies from Elsevier papers are:

  • System architecture Evolution (SAE) also to enable frequency Domain scheduling and applications.
  • OFDM- Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing applied also in downlink transmission. For high peak data rate it use wide carriers.
  • SC-FDMA – single carrier Frequency Division Multiple Access is also applied into uplink transmission.
  • To access various input and also output we use MIMO (Multiple input Multiple output) technology.

LTE Network Elements: We deploy following network elements are

  • Evolved Node B (eNB): To support air interface also in LTE network we use evolved node B.
  • Service Gateway (SGW):We ensure network mobility function also by SGW and responsible for routing and forward network functions.
  • Packet Data Network Gateway (PDN GW): We also use PDN GW to permit network connection. It ensures QoS and mobility among 3G and non 3G networks.
  • Mobility Management Entity (MME):We use MME also to manage mobility and ensure security service to different data authentication application in LTE.
  • EPC in LTE:LTE Packet domain called Evolved Packet Core (EPC) and applicable to all IP system design. We also ensure high packet data rate with lower latency. Provide ability also to optimize packet flow with variety of operational scenarios.
  • E-UTRAN: We use Evolved UMTS terrestrial Radio Access network to implement LTE network access through eNBS. By also using eNB we can ensure communication with multiple gateways for load sharing and redundancy. We also perform scheduling allocation process of both uplink and downlink is done by eNB nodes.
  • PCRF:We use policy and also charging control function (PCCRF) a single point policy of network.
  • We also apply SDF information into user services and passed into gateway node for enforcement.

LTE Application: We apply NS3 LTE in more than 75+ projects and their areas are listed as:-

• Mobile phones.
• Cameras.
• Camcorders.
• Laptops.

Advantages of LTE: We attain the factors in LTE projects are

• Low Latency.
• Increased data transfer speed.
• High network Throughput.
• More cost effectiveness.
• Improvement over 3G network.