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Wireless Networking Tools

Wireless Networking Tools NS3 is intended to be used with Linux, although it is possible to run it on Windows by using cygwin or MiniGW. It is one of the most important and widely used network simulation tools.

  • In simulates the wireless networks also in effective manner.
  • It was developed to replace its predecessor NS2, which was released in the mid-90s. The reason for redesigning the simulator was the “limited scalability regarding memory usage and runtime”.
  • Criteria of wireless simulation network:
  • Output reports and plots
  • Graphical facilities
  • Statistical features
  • Popularity
  • Hardware/software considerations like compilers, os and specific hardware needs
  • Ease of use, documentation and support
  • General facilities like
  • Flexibility
  • Orders of magnitude for simulation size
  • Reusability
  • Available models
  • Devoted to specific problem or class of problems.
  • This is the sample code of position information from the mobility model and unconditionally logs the x and y position of the node in wireless network.