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Top 11 D2D Communication Projects

Device to Device (D2D) communication is defined as a method that can communicate directly with the devices without any medium of access points or base stations. Hence, D2D Communication Projects evident that how the way D2D allows communication through communication technologies and advances in D2D.

What is D2D communication?

D2D communication is a transmission of upgraded data technology designed to boost network efficiency. In D2D, User Equipment (UEs) in nearby devices transmits using a direct link without the transmission of a radio signal.

For instance, LTE-Direct is used to permit devices to communicate with each other through protected transmission protocol, parallel to the devices connect with the base station.

Research D2D Communication Projects

Why D2D Communication?

  • Services on public safety and security
  • Traffic load management
  • D2D communication applications
  • Machine to machine & peer to peer communication
  • Cellular of WLAN network for rapid data transfer
  • A nonstop connection even without network
  • Widening the network lacking including complex hardware (base stations)
  • Consumption of low power and strong battery life
  • Gaming and Local Social Networking
  • Content allocation, local advertisement and location-aware services
  • Increases the effectiveness of the network
  • Emergency of local area transmittance and alert messages 
  • Vehicle to vehicle communication & independent driving applications

Process of D2D Communication Projects

Along with increasing the spectral efficiency of the network, D2D can effectively improve throughput, energy, delay, and bandwidth. Open data delivery protocols in D2D communication intently suppose that freely contribute to data delivery, distribute their resources among themselves and chase the fundamental network protocols.

Concurrently, the rational nodes of D2D have tactical connections and possibly perform uncaringly for various purposes like limitations of resources and the need for relevant data or social desire.  

In parallel, D2D Communication started to upgrade itself for the future generation. At here, we have a separate young technical team of professionals who are well-upgraded in the evolution of D2D Communication. So, they are ready to help your D2D Communication Projects with their novel ideas to make your project a benchmark one. To manifest that, they mention some future goals of D2D Communications here.


  • Find ondemand requirements for network communication improvement
  • Advanced LTE-direct techniques without base station traffic
  • Mainly in applications like  M2M communication, automated and self-driving cars, and IoT applications
  • Develop D2D Communication 5G / 6G technology for broad applications
  • Link numerous devices and sensors to the Internet
  • In IoT applications, D2D employs low power interconnect networking and smart sensor cloud

We hope you get a clear idea about the fundamentals of D2D Communication now; let’s check about the fresh research topics which are suggested by our experts for your D2D Communication Projects.

Research Topics in D2D Communication Projects

  • D2D Prototypes, Testbeds, and Applications
  • Reinforcement Learning and Deep Learning
  • D2D with V2X
  • M2M Communication
  • Security and Privacy Issues
  • Integrated 5G and D2D Networks
  • Edge / Fog based D2D Communication
  • Relay Assisted and Multicast D2D
  • Dynamic Spectrum Techniques
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR) and SDN
  • mMTC and URLLC Communication
  • Power Control, Energy Efficiency and Interference

Despite the above-listed topics, there are many more topics we have in D2D Communication Projects. Whatever the topic may be, we have professionals who are well known about the detailed stuff of the particular field to offer you a valuable Device to Device Communication projects.