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Projects In Networking

Projects In Networking provides communication among computing devices. Computer Network is formed by connecting various devices through channels. We offer projects in networking for final year students and research scholars to complete their projects. We support research scholars to do research in network with various area include routing, network management, energy management and security and Elsevier based papers. We develop network projects with various simulation tools available in market.

Social Network projects:

In today’s world social network site such as face book and twitter are popular in Google sites. We classify network website into three are

  • Social Network.
  • Communication Interface.
  • Network Application Service.

We introduce and attain confidentiality, availability and integrity. For security issue we use current proxy based network in social network. We use simulator to produce security characteristics performance. The idea behind this is to preserve software and online security among social networks

Multimedia Network projects:

We provide multimedia service to create customized multimedia content production. Various challenges in multimedia service are QoS awareness, load balancing and composability. These challenges need network support with upgraded system. By this process, we configure the required network feature for multimedia target applications which mainly proposed in MS projects.

Home Gateway Network:

We call home network as digital as digital home network which composed of PC, home appliance, home entertainment equipment, home wirings and security and illumination system. We develop home network by wireless local area network. We divide home network into various types they are:

  • Home Appliances.
    • Information Equipment.
    • Communication Equipment.

We provide equipment in inside network which ensure an information exchange among outer and home network. Home network internal equipment provides data exchange among home and public network. We consider four functions in home network are

  • Home Access called Home Network which Connect Function Entity.
    • Home Bridge called Home Network Bridge Connects Function Entity.
    • Home Client related to Home Networking Client Function Entity.
    • Home Device used to create Decodes Function Entity.

Software Defined Network Challenges:

We provide SDN (Software Defined Network) to ensure basic network and exchange facilities. We established more than 95+ projects with Software Defined Network and handled various challenges. It includes various function and they are described as:

  • Enable application, edge process and direct even individuals.
    • More dynamic provisions for real time.
    • Substantial improved option to create customizable networks.
    • Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.
    • New and enhanced services are implemented fastly.