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Heterogeneous Networks Projects

A Heterogeneous Network (HetNets) is a network that handles numerous network devices with different configurations. HetNets are generally harder to manage and completely opposed to a homogeneous network. On this page heterogeneous networks projects, functions, research challenges, and architecture is discussed.

What is the HetNets explain with the Example? 

A HetNets is a diverse network where the devices are connected using various technologies that work with multiple OS. HetNets main functions and controls are focused on prior Self Organizing Networks (SON) features which only target any systems that enhance its behaviors to carry workable automated service management across the whole HetNets. Let’s check the main functions of HetNets below.


  • Cell Association
    • Given the highest data rate more than the strength of the signal it connects to BS
    • Small cell base stations are bias used 
  • Topology
    • The Pico or Femto-like Nested cells are located inside the macrocells. 
    • BSs are located in the environment and supports random communication 
  • Uplink vs. Downlink 
    • Uplink and downlink communication can encompass very dissimilar SINRs
    • As a result of mobility in devices, it did not always use the same BS in all direction
  • Backhaul
    • Usually, BSs does not allow speeds of data communication 
    • As a result of cost and performance in the network, the BS link is failed. 
  • Mobility
    • During handover, calls and data transmission is dropped retransmission is required and if the small cells it is a bottleneck. 
    • While using small cells, Handoffs and dropped calls are frequent causes 
  • Interference Management
    • Interference is managed between two different cells 
    • Resource allocation of users is suffered or bottleneck in interference 

As we know, all the static and dynamic functions of HetNets and we used these functions in your heterogeneous networks projects. Our guidance in these listed functions of HetNets must help you to know more about it. 

Implementing Heterogeneous Networks Projects using Network Simulation Tools

Research Topics in Heterogeneous Networks Projects

  • Power / Resource Allocation for Multiband Heterogeneous Networks 
  • Mobility Management in Heterogeneous Networks 
  • QoE aware Video Streaming in Cellular Networks 
  • Biased user association in 6G / 5G Networks 

Here, we also pointed out some of the major technologies in Heterogeneous wireless networks for your reference. 

Important Technologies for Heterogeneous Networks 

The HetNets are the wide range of topics that collaborate with the cloud and distributed radio access technologies. Further, it is a paradigm of RAN topology teamwork that has different small cells with Pico and Femtocells, etc.

HetNets mainly focused on the operation process and techniques of wireless communication. At present, hetnets is supported in various technologies as, 

  • Cloud Radio Access Networks (C-RAN)
  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
  • Carrier Wi-Fi Systems 
  • Small Cells Deployment 

To measure the performance of HetNets, a simulation is conducted. For small and macrocells, reliable data transmission and packets aggregation are implemented. The demand of service requirements must meet by all users. 

Performance Metrics in Heterogeneous Networks Projects

  • Load / Traffic Rate 
  • Packet Delivery Ratio
  • Throughput
  • End-to-End Delay 

However the strongest networks may be, there are some flaws in them. Similarly, Heterogeneous networks also have fundamental research issues in the research of HetNets. Let’s get a rapid look at it.

Research Challenges in Heterogeneous Networks 

  • Data aggregation 
  • High interference 
  • Interoperability 
  • Mobility
  • Quality of Experience or Service
  • Obstacle between RATs
  • Handover 

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