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PhD Research Topics in Electric Vehicles

         We got you covered with all the required information based on the implementation of research projects in electrical vehicle over this article. Let’s get to know some of the research projects and topics about this area electrical vehicle. Initially, we have highlighted the substantial research topics in electrical vehicle.

  • Control strategies for battery management
  • Wireless power transfer technologies
  • Energy consumption modeling in electric vehicles
  • Enhancing driving range of electric vehicles
  • Bidirectional charging
  • Allocation of charging station
Electric Vehicle Simulation

Newest Electric Vehicles Projects

       For instance, we have highlighted the substantial research projects in electrical vehicle that have been already implemented by our experts.

  • Utilization of electric vehicle’s multi uncertainties for predictive control approach in microgrid
  • Electric vehicles aggregator based optimizing day ahead operation using robust optimization method
  • Model predictive control in fuel cell hybrid electric vehicles using real time cost minimization power allocating technique
  • An optical placement of solar powered electric vehicle charging station in distribution network
  • Fuel super capacitor based APU of large electric vehicles by decentralized dynamic load power allocation strategy
  • Markov driving pattern recognizer for multi-mode predictive energy management in fuel cell hybrid electric vehicles
  • Battery swapping considering energy consumption and carbon emissions based electric vehicle routing problem
  • Nano enhanced phase change materials for battery thermal management system
  • Electric vehicles based energy management of hybrid battery systems using deep reinforcement learning techniques
  • Online learning enhanced Markov speed predictor in fuel cell electric vehicles through multi objective energy management
  • An instantaneous power estimation enhancement in electric vehicles’ Li-ion batteries using artificial neural network based models
  • Battery life optimal charging for electric vehicle sustainability enhancement
  • Liquid cooling for electric vehicles in battery thermal management system via thermal analysis and pack level design
  • Electric vehicle parking lot for peak shaving and valley filling power consumption profile in nonresidential buildings
  • Plug in hybrid electric vehicles considering optimal battery depth of discharge using model predictive energy management
  • An electric vehicle and charging pile management based on blockchain ecosystem through security model
  • Plug in hybrid electric vehicles through artificial neural network enhanced energy management technique
  • Strategic power management for fuel cell durability for fuel cell plug in hybrid electric vehicles enhancement
  • Electric vehicles based hybrid super capacitor energy storage system
  • An assessment of hybrid life cycle in large scale electrical vehicle application

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