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Overview of Contiki Cooja Simulator: Cooja is one of the sensor network simulators and it is the short form of Contiki OS Java simulator. The Contiki OS is a convenient OS used for the limited source of devices such as the sensor nodes and it is created in the event-driven kernel.

Significant Uses of Contiki Cooja Simulator

            The following is about the most important compensations in the Contiki Cooja.The Contiki provides assistance for the pre-emptive and pre-process multi-threading and for interaction process by message transmission over the optimal GUI subsystem

Notable Modules in Cooja Simulator

            Let us discuss significant modules and the functions of that module based on the Cooja simulator

Modules and their Functions

  • Arm
    • It is used for the execution of atomic functions by the instructions of DMB, STREX, and LDREX.
    • Arm-gcc in Contiki and arm related Contiki ports are created by the toolchain

Major Classes in Contiki Cooja Simulator

            Hereby, we have listed down the notable classes which are useful for the development of the research project. There are many significant classes based on the Contiki Cooja simulator but we have listed down a class with their uses for your reference

Classes and its Purposes

  • File Target
  • It is utilized for the process of hash table which related to file writing

System Specifications in Contiki Cooja Simulator

            Hereby, we have highlighted some programming language for the implementation process in the research based on the Contiki Cooja r and we support your ideas with our guidance

Programming Languages in Contiki Cooja

  • Java
  • C

The essential and supportive operating systems for the Contiki Cooja simulator are listed down. If research scholars need some more requirements you can contact us for your research support and our research experts will provide the complete guidance

OS Support in Cooja Simulator

  • Contiki-2.7
    • Ubuntu-14.04

Hereby, we have enlisted the version details for Cooja simulator. Similarly, research scholars may select different versions for their research implementation process with our research expert guidance

Versions in  Cooja Simulator

  • Contiki OS

Noticeable Protocols in Cooja Simulator

            Our research experts have the best knowledge in the protocols implementation process and here we have enlisted some protocols based on Cooja simulator for your reference

  • Trend Based Service Discovery Protocol
  • It is the context-aware adaptive protocol and it includes the consciousness of IOT
  • It is useful to collect the data of context and provide as per the needs of the user data and services
  • It has innovated the novel algorithm and that is useful for the reduction of status maintenance
  • Flip MAC Mechanism
  • It is used to acquire the benefits of non-destructive interference through the several transmitters for the reduction of contention

Topical Subjects in Cooja Simulator

            We have a lot of research ideas based on the Contiki Cooja simulator. For your reference, our research experts have listed down such subjects in the Contiki Cooja

  • Cross level Sensor Network
    • It is a new method of wireless sensor network simulation which permits the holistic simulation in several levels
    • For instance, we are executing the simulator such as Cooja and Contiki sensor node. Here Cooja permits the operating system level, machine code instruction level, and network-level

Required Parameters in Contiki Cooja Simulator

            Generally, parameters are used for the measurement process in the research project. Therefore, we have listed down the significant Contiki simulator parameters such as user configuration parameters

  • Packet Size
  • Number of Brokers
  • RTT among Brokers
  • Simulation duration
  • Number of Clients Per Topics
  • RTT Among Clients and Brokers
  • Port Rate of Brokers
  • Local Subscription Rate

Topmost Subjects in Contiki Cooja Simulator

            The subject modules used in the Contiki Cooja are highlighted below. The research scholars may use the module which suits their research projects with our support

Top most subjects in Contiki Cooja simulator

MQTT Process Syntax in Contiki Cooja Simulator

            Here, we have highlighted the most substantial syntax based on the Contiki Cooja ]

PROCESS(mqtt_process, “MQTT process”);


static void

call_event(struct mqtt_connection *conn,

           mqtt_event_t event,

           void *data)


  conn->event_callback(conn, event, data);

  process_post(conn->app_process, mqtt_update_event, NULL);



static void

reset_defaults(struct mqtt_connection *conn)


  conn->mid_counter = 1;


  conn->waiting_for_pingresp = 0;


  conn->out_buffer_sent = 0;



static void

abort_connection(struct mqtt_connection *conn)


  conn->out_buffer_ptr = conn->out_buffer;

  conn->out_queue_full = 0;

  /* Reset outgoing packet */

  memset(&conn->out_packet, 0, sizeof(conn->out_packet));



  memset(&conn->socket, 0, sizeof(conn->socket));




static void

connect_tcp(struct mqtt_connection *conn)












  tcp_socket_connect(&(conn->socket), &(conn->server_ip), conn->server_port);



static void

disconnect_tcp(struct mqtt_connection *conn)





  memset(&conn->socket, 0, sizeof(conn->socket));


Key Applications in Cooja Simulator

            There are many applications based on the Contiki simulator for your ease we have listed down some applications among them

  • Event Based
  • It is apt for memory controlled systems by using the event-driven kernel
  • In this computation, Contiki offers the pre-emptive multi-threading application collection with the kernel

Vital Algorithms in Cooja Simulator

            The algorithms play a significant role based on  Cooja simulator research and here we have highlighted some algorithm which is useful for the implementation process but the research scholars can contact us for the implementation process using other algorithms

  • Queue Utilization Based RPL           
    • It is used to develop the end to end packet delivery performance which is in contrast to the standard of RPL
    • It is generated in all the nodes to choose the parent node including the deployment of queue
  • CN-MWCDS Algorithm
    • A node consists of its own weight and the weight of its neighbor and each node starts with the idle state
    • The starts by sending the I values and the count of idle neighbor to the neighbor who are active through the nodes
    • The computing process is started when it receives the I messages from the active neighbor and end by measuring the weight ratios

Topmost Areas in Cooja Simulator

            For your ease, we have enlisted the research areas which is useful for the implementation process and development based on the Contiki Cooja

  • Ontology Model
  • Ontology modules are an alternative part of the monolithic ontology and it is used to design the network modules with the semantic sensor network ontology

Important Process in Contiki Cooja Simulator

            For your ease, we have listed down the substantial process which is implemented in the Contiki Cooja

  • The system has two layers such as core cloud and edge cloud
  • In the core cloud, the coordination servers and sub-brokers are deployed to coordinate the servers and database
  • In the edge cloud, there are three divisions of clouds which is useful for the end-users

Substantial Steps in Contiki Cooja

            We have listed down the steps which are useful for the implementation process of the Contiki Cooja simulator

The message is handled by the three parties they are the pub broker, coordinator, and coordination

Latest Project Topics in Contiki OS Cooja Simulator

  • Database
  • A message received by the pub broker then he adds the sender to the publisher list
  • A cluster is created for the selection of broker by saving the message
  • Then the sender is added to the publisher list and the message is forwarded to the subscribers

Major Routing Process in Contiki Cooja Simulator

Our research experts have highlighted the routing used based on the Contiki Cooja simulator

  • Fault-Tolerant Hop Count Based Routing Protocol
  • It is deployed in the wireless sensor network to manage the random node issues in the network
  • Congestion Aware Algorithm Using Fuzzy Logic
  • It is utilized for the reduction of congestion through choosing the parent in the IOT network
  • It is used to find the optimal routing path