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PhD Research Topics in Intrusion Detection System

           Do you people want to know about the list of PhD research topics in the field of intrusion detection system? Hurray!!! You people have selected the right platform which provides the complete support for the discovering an idea and making that as the innovative research project. Here we go with the list of topics in intrusion detection system.

  • Learning and retraining for massive data
  • Hybrid signature and anomaly based IDS
  • Signature and anomaly based IDS
  • Blockchain based IDS
  • New attacks detection
  • NIDS and HIDS
Simulation of Intrusion Detection System

Intrusion Detection System Projects

          Come! Let’s have a look at the recent PhD research projects in intrusion detection system which has been developed by our technical professionals.

  • Edge assisted distributed IDS using adaptive machine learning based alarm reduction
  • Placement of intrusion detection systems in cloud using moving target defense technology
  • Distributed IDS based framework scheduling using architectures of heterogeneous network
  • Fuzzy based intrusion detection systems: Black hole attack detection in MANET
  • Multiverse optimization for intrusion detection systems in neural networks
  • Auto encode based network intrusion detection systems via machine learning technique
  • Hurling & preventing adversarial attacks in Network IDS using deep learning techniques
  • Machine learning based intrusion detection systems over preprocessing and feature selection
  • Decision trees and genetic algorithms for network intrusion detection systems using Dendron
  • IDS using extreme gradient boosting technique and parameter tuning algorithm for attack classification
  • Improved IDS using multiple and binary class classification via ensemble models
  • Anomaly based intrusion detection systems uisng ensemble learning and feature selection
  • Prevention of adversarial evasion attacks using optimized intrusion detection algorithm
  • Collaborative intrusion detection system in VANET using dual variable perturbation
  • Anomaly intrusion detection systems using improved J48 classification algorithm
  • Enhanced regularization technique for SDN based IDS using new fusion model
  • Utilization of various training functions for intrusion detection systems in neural network
  • A performance of intrusion detection system using genetic convolutional neural network
  • IoT applications based IDS using machine learning techniques
  • Artificial neural networks for intelligent intrusion detection systems

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