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PhD Research Topics in Satellite Communication

          Our research team of PhD holders is well experienced and equipped in this field satellite communication and now let’s gets to know about the significance research topics in the satellite communication.

  • Inter satellite optical communication
  • Hybrid satellite terrestrial relay network
  • Heterogeneous satellite cooperative
  • M2M satellite communication
  • Low earth orbit satellite
  • UAV to Satellite optical
Satellite Communication Simulation

Satellite Communication Projects

      In addition, our technical folks have described the notable research projects based on the satellite communication.

  • LEO optical satellite network based link assignment scheme based on vertex deleting using adjacency matrix (VDAM- LAS)
  • Large scale inter satellite link scheduling using data driven parallel adaptive large neighborhood algorithm
  • Enhancement of S2S communication using key agreement protocol and lightweight location key based authentication
  • Satellite communication system using dual circular polarization (DCP) radiation
  • Polarization dependent passive meta material for radar cross section reduction in satellite communication
  • Navigation constellation based inter satellite ranging and communication links using integrated dynamic signal power distribution method
  • Two-stage feedback loop and Viterbi–Viterbi (V–V) feedforward cascaded carrier recovery algorithm for laser communication system
  • Modification of 5G mobile satellite communication system using physical random access signal
  • Joint power allocation and robust beam forming (BF) iterative algorithm for satellite aerial ground integrated networks
  • Enhancement of satellite communication through digital transformation of technological IP range analysis
  • NTSN satellite constellations for compass time space model based virtual IP routing scheme
  • Development of satellite terrestrial integrated networks using resource blocks allocation
  • Execution of dual band satellite communication using improved rectangular circular split ring resonator
  • Satellite communication using aerial RIS aided dual full duplex (DFD-ARIS) cooperative jamming method
  • Multispectral image based satellite communications using reversible data hiding
  • Vehicle to satellite & short range radar communication using high gain wide band array antenna
  • Utilization of recognition and precision location for ideal satellite optical communications
  • Satellite terrestrial integrated networks based resource allocation and joint satellite scheduling in deep reinforcement learning
  • Enhancing LEO satellite communications using massive MIMO transmission
  • Satellite communication network based application in power domain & non orthogonal multiple access

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