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     BIG DATA PROJECTS commence with aspire to glitch the young-looking with enthused perception in our excellent progress. You be able to make steps towards us at all time by means of your desires; we willpower afford you best conclusion as intended for all your malleability.


  • Big Data Privacy also in Biomedical Research
  • A Novel Incremental Data Mining Algorithm also Based on FP-growth for BigData
  • Mining Suspicious Tax Evasion Groups also in Big Data   (BIG-DATA PROJECTS)
  • A ReRAM-Based 4T2R Nonvolatile TCAM also Using RC-Filtered Stress-Decoupled Scheme for Frequent-OFF Instant-ON Search Engines Used in IoT and Big-Data Processing
  • A framework for scheduling and also managing big data applications in a distributed infrastructure
  • Communication cost efficient virtualized network function placement also for big data processing
  • Towards the evaluation of also a big data-as-a-service model: A decision theoretic approach
  • Implementation of message passing interface in MANETs also in processing of big data
  • SustainMe if you can: Sustainable transmission networking design also for Big Data
  • Library personalized also information recommendation of big data
  • A Crowd-Cloud architecture also for Big Data analytics   (BIG-DATA PROJECTS)
  • User interest acquisition by adding home and also work related contexts on mobile big data analysis
  • A Gaussian Bayesian model to identify spatio-temporal causalities also for air pollution based on urban big data
  • Spark-based large-scale matrix inversion also for big data processing
  • Optimal parameter setting also for indoor localization via big data analysis