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Can We Write Ns3 Scripts in Python Language

             Without any doubt, we assure that we can write Ns3 scripts in python language. Additionally, this entire article will be the guide for all to implement this process. Let’s commence this article with the key notes about the Ns3 in python language.

             In the following, we have highlighted the significant steps that are required to implement and write the Ns3 scripts in python language.

Sample Python Script in Ns3

             Here, we have highlighted the sample python script which is capable to function the Ns3.

Sample Ns3 Code Using Python

             Additionally, the sample codes that are written in python are stored in scratch folder.

Run Python Script

       The below mentioned command is used to implement and run the python script in Ns3

cd /home/research/ns-allinone-3.26/ns-3.26
./waf shell
Run the Simulation Using Python

    python scratch/MainFile.py

              We hope that our technical experts have provided the required steps to write Ns3 scripts in python language. Out of this, our research professionals are used to support for implementing the novel research ideas using the required tools and algorithms. So, reach us for all your research needs.