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Contiki OS Download

           As the matter of fact, the beginners are supposed to face some issues while trying to download Contiki OS. Thus, this article is about to encounter all such issues with the provision of all the require steps.

Contiki OS Download

            The URL “http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/contiki/Contiki/Contiki 2.7/contiki-2.7.zip” is deployed to download the Contiki OS.

Downloading Contiki OS

Unzip Contiki OS File

         Additionally, we have to unzip the packages that are already downloaded as Contiki OS file into Contiki-2.7.zip.

Unzip Contiki OS

Rename the File

       Finally, we have to rename the file after completing the unzip process as Contiki and that is beneficial for the installation process.

          You guys can reach us to acquire a lot about the functions of Contiki OS just by reaching us.