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DDoS Attack Simulation in Ns3

What is DDoS Attack?

              Distributed denial of service attack is abbreviated as DDoS attack and it is denoted as the malicious endeavor to interrupt the normal traffic towards a targeted server and network through the overpowering target or else that is surrounded over the structural design of flood in the internet traffic. DDoS attack is used to accomplish the effective utilization process to finding the middle ground of the computer system that makes the sources of attack traffic. Some of the computers and some other networked resources are existing in the exploited machines and the IoT devices are the finest example.

How to Identify a DDoS Attack?

          The noticeable indication of DDoS attack is considered as the site that is slowly process with some unavailable services. The causes including the legitimate spike in traffic is used to create the issues in the performance, thus some investigations are essential for the regular processes. The tools based on traffic analytics are assistive to locate the telltale signs based on the DDoS attacks.

  • Some peculiar traffic patterns like spikes are functioning in the odd hours and it includes the patterns and days to appear the unnatural process
  • The impenetrable outpouring are requested for the single phase and endpoint
  • Flood of traffic from the users through sharing the single profile of behavior including the web browser version, geo location and device types
  • Apprehensive volume of traffic is created with some single IP address and IP range

What is DDoS Ns3?

          In general, Ns 3 simulator is considered as the network emulator and that is deployed to create the network for the elements such as,

  • Links
  • Controllers
  • Switches
  • Virtual hosts

          The hosts in Ns3 are functioning the standard linux network software along with the switches to support the OpenFlow and that is highly flexible custom routing and software defined networking. Ns3 platform is active in various field and tasks such as debugging, testing, prototyping, learning, development, research and etc. that are beneficial for the complete experimental network in the laptop.

Ns3 Features

          For your reference, we have listed down the significant features based on network simulator 3 to implement the DDoS attack simulation process. Let’s start to gaze about the list of important characteristics based on the DDoS attack simulation in Ns3.

  • It provides the straightforward and extensible Python API for the generation of network and some experimentation
  • It is functional in out of box with the lack of programming
  • Arbitrary custom topologies are supportive with the primary set of parameterized topologies
  • CLI is included in this process with some elements such as debugging, running network wide tests, OpenFlow aware and topology aware
  • The multifaceted topology testing is permitted without the physical network
  • Modest and reasonably priced network testbed are used to enhance the applications based on OpenFlow

What is SDN Ns3?

           Ns3 is one of the emulator that is used in the massive networks and that too in the limited resources based on the simple and single computer with the virtual machine. It is generated through permitting the research based on the OpenFlow and software defined network (SDN). In addition, the Ns3 emulator is permitting the process of running code that is interactive with the virtual hardware related to the simple personal computer.

Ns3 Topologies

           As the actual fact, Ns simulator 3 includes the massive number of default topologies and that includes some elements such as.

  • Tree
  • It consist of 2 host and k levels and these hosts and levels are attached with all the switches
  • Linear
  • It includes the k hosts and k witches and it is beneficial to create the link among the all the hosts and switches
  • Reversed
  • It is based on the single topology and the connections are ordered and reversed
  • Single
  • It is related to the single topology for the connection of orders that are reversed
  • Minimal
  • It is one of the simple topology that includes the 2 hosts and 1 OpenFlow switch to create the links among the hosts and switch

Common Attack Techniques

          Our research professionals have years of experience, through the experience we have completed various research projects using required tools and techniques. Some of the attack techniques that are used in the implementation process of research projects based on DDoS attack simulation in Ns3. The DDoS attacks are capable to perform various methods and some of them are enlisted in the following.

  • Application layer attacks
  • The applications are used to communicate through the requirements of network and that is accessible to process the request what they receive. In several forms, the thresholds of applications are lower than the structural designs of the processes. While sending the appropriate requests towards the applications are based on the attacker to consume the existing resources and create the inaccessible process for authorized users
  • Volumetric attacks
  • The network interface and network connections include the set of bandwidth limitations. The volumetric attacks are considered as the attempt to overcome the systems through sending extra data for the regulation process. In addition, the attacks includes massive number of packets
  • Protocol level attacks
  • In general, the computers include several numbers of UDP and TCP port with the numbers that are allocated to handle the novel connections in several ports that are accessible and available. The protocol level of attacks are attempted to consume the accessible connections and that creates the incompetent process to accept the connections

DDoS Attack Simulation in Ns3

        The DDoS attack is considered as the finest example for the concerns that are disrupt with the connectivity and used to prevent the access that are required for the services through the appropriate users. The countermeasures in this system are deployed through the utilization of software defined networks and the networking services.

          While programming computer networks, some programming languages are used as the low level abstraction. The structural design of OpenFlow is used in the controlling plane to regulate the data plane when it is separated.

DoS Attack on SDN

          Both the DoS and DDoS attacks are considered as the leftovers of severe network security issues using the SDN and primary networks. The separation control and data plane of the attackers are controlled with some malformed packets with the flow of decisions. It is deployed to permit the data plane to shield the control plane based on the saturation attacks. Self-organizing maps are utilized to analyze the false alarms about the low rates and the lightweight method is denoted as the median value training process.

         To this end, we hope that we have provided some required knowledge for the developments of research projects in DDoS attack simulation. On the whole, we assist you from the initial stage of research such as the selection of research topics in DDoS attack simulation in Ns3 and up to the research paper publication and thesis writing guidance. So, contact us to reach the better heights in your research career.