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Familiarization with Network Simulation Tools

         This article is completely articulated with process that are essential to obtain the significance of familiarised network simulation tools and this will be the great support for those who are intriguingly looking for research establishments.

Network Simulation Tools

          For your reference, we have highlighted the most significant network simulation tools in the following.

  • NS-2
  • Mininet
  • Cooja
  • OMNeT++
  • NS-3

Programming Languages for Simulation Tools

        Hereby, we have highlighted the appropriate programming languages for the network simulation tools.

  • TCL and C
  • In Ns2, C and TCL are used to create the simulation main configuration code
  • Python
  • In Mininet, Python is used for the simulation process
  • C and Java
  • In Cooja, C and Java are used to write and compile code
  • C++ and C++ compiler
  • In OMNeT++, network simulator includes C++ based simulation kernel
  • C++ and Python
  • In Ns3, Python and C++ are used to write user programs

         To conclude, we hope that we have provided the suitable processes for the execution of best network simulation tools and you guys can reach us if you have any queries.