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GNs3 Network Simulation

          In general, the graphical network simulation is abbreviated as GNs3 and it is the free emulator software that is permitted through the functions of actual networking software images in the computer. It is the provision of good graphical user interface design and that is intensively deployed for the learners to build, troubleshoot and configure the networks based on the environment of virtualized network.

Pros of GNs3 Network Simulation

          There are several advantages based on the GNs3 network simulation process and they are based on the open source and free network emulator process such as.

  • Community labs
  • GNs3 is denoted as the market place and it is utilized to distribution and installation of the network device appliances and this section of service that permits to exchange the network topologies to purpose the labbing process with the specific technologies
  • Multiple connection types
  • GNs3 is supportive for the Ethernet connections among network devices and it permits the serial connections among the supportive serial network modules
  • Modifiable active topology
  • All the virtual network devices are started and stopped independently to other virtual network devices and there is no necessity to stop the network devices and to add the particular network device and it is one of the significant features characteristics to trace the Cisco packet and create popular choice for the packet tracer users to transit the network emulator
  • Simple and easy to read documentation
  • The documentation based on GNs3 is the most significant open source projects, while getting started with the required guidance in the advanced configuration process. So, it is denoted as the well written documentation and to complete the task using pictures
  • GNs3 as free network simulation
  • It is the open source software means for the source code and it is modified and reviewed through the general public and the users are capable to verify the bugs in software and it is reportable to be a member of community that is altered with the attempt to create the bug and to fix it for the alteration of source code for the enhancement of software
  • While displaying the software, there might be the occurrence of some characteristics to bug the process and the users are review the open issues

What is about Switching?

          The users can utilize the Cisco VIRL images based on GNs3 and it is capable to create the complex switched networks that are included in HSRP, RPVST+, ether channel and some other technologies. During the initial period of GNs3, the routers are supportive for the utilization of Dynamips and that is not lasted for ever. Several devices and vendors are supportive for the process of GNs3 in recent days. Additionally, the users can include the cumulus switches, Cisco switches and so are functioning in the single topology process.

Enable Nested Virtualization on Google Cloud

         The nested virtualization is functioning as the interesting process to network emulation research and it is permitting the users to function the unmodified versions of popular network emulation tools such as GNs3 with the cloud instance. In addition, the Google cloud is supportive for the nested virtualization through the utilization of KVM hypervisor in the Linux instances.

          In addition, its commands are assistive in various multiple configurations and the users are requiring for the several configurations for the supportive networking setups and they can visit the set of various defaults in different situations. Various configurations are supportive to run the Google cloud init and to select the creation of configuration in the first attempt.

Capture Data on Open Source Router Interfaces in GNs3

         The GNs3 network simulator is considered as the simple process for the users to capture and view the data passing over the interfaces of devices for the functions of the GNs3 network simulation process. The documentation of GNs3 is beneficial for the users to seizure the utilization of dynamips based on GNs3. Through the utilization of GNs3, the users are capable to start and stop the data capturing process based on dynamips VM interface at any time with the desires and the users have to propose an idea which is deployed for the anticipation of data capturing in the open source routers and hosts running in virtualbox and the QEMU virtual machines.

Using VirtualBox Linked Clones in GNs3 Network Simulation

          In general, the GNs3 is deployed to generate and to regulate the virtualbox virtual machines that are linked with the clones over the GNs3 user interface. It is deployed to make the simple process to setup the virtualbox virtual machine in GNs3 and the GNs3 is making easier with the utilization of studying the operations in the open source hosts, switches and routers in simulation scenarios. The integration of GNs3 along with the VirtualBox are linked with the clones and that permits the users to treat the virtualbox VMs based on the GNs3 devices that to dock the device type and that is deployed in the various usage with the specified device.

NAT Node

          Generally, the NAT node is permitting the users to connect the topology towards the internet with the utilization of NAT. The internet node is denigrated with the approval of this particular node and the cloud node. It is requiring some elements that have to be installed and they are linux computer with libvirt and GNs3 virtual machine.

          Notably, the libvirt is required for the creation of virbr0 interface and that is used for the deployment of node. NAT node is functioning with the DHCP server with the predefined pool in the range of and located in the group of end devices. While adding the NAT node with the topology, the user have to drag and drop with the workspace and the user will be prompted to specify the server type for the utilization to function the NAT node.

Research Topics Using GNs3

  • Computer networks virtualization using GNs3
  • Analysis of RIPv2 routing authentication using GNs3 simulation
  • Traffic management in MPLS network
  • Automatic network configuration in virtualized environment
  • Simulation and modeling of MPLS networks
  • Based on Network load dynamic adaptation of OSPF interface metrics

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Project Titles in GNs3 Network Simulator

  • Comparative performance analysis of stellar SDN controllers using emulators
  • Single back to back converter based system emulator for testing unbalanced Microgrid
  • Three phase mission profile emulator for multiple submodules in modular multilevel converter
  • Deep learning based blockchain framework for secure software defined industrial networks
  • Multi ion sensing emulator and multivariate calibration optimization by machine learning models

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