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How do I Run OMNeT++

         In general, we have illustrated the essential steps that are functional to run the OMNeT++ simulation.

Phase: I

          As the initial process, we have to select the workstation through starting the OMNeT++ IDE as shown in the below mentioned image.


Selection of Workstation

Phase: II

          Following that, we have to import the packages through the implementation of the below mentioned steps just by going to the file menu.

       File à Import à Existing projects into workstation à Browse workstation location à Finish

Package Import

Phase: III

        At that time, we have to run the simulation through right clicking the packages and select to, Run as à OMNeT ++ Simulation

Running OMNeT++ Simulation

Selection of Configuration File


Selection of Configuration File

       If you guys still have any disputes in the above mentioned processes, you can approach us whenever you like. As well as, we are provide the required assistance.