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How to Calculate Packet Delivery Ratio in Ns3

             This article is about the depiction of calculating the packet delivery ratio based on the Ns3 simulator. Let’s take a look over the overall process of calculation.

Step: 1 Verify Ns-3 Installation

          As the first process, we have to verify the ns3 packages that are installed already through the implementation of the following commands in the terminal.


sudo ./waf configure –enable-examples

Configuration of Ns-3.26

Step: 2 Main File Source Code

          Next, we have to locate the source code of the main file to generate the packet delivery ratio graph through the utilization of the gnuplot package execution.

Source Code to Generate Packet Delivery Ratio Graph

Step: 3 Main File Execution

            We have to implement the following commands to acquire the simulation process.

sudo ./waf –run Main –vis

Execution of Main File

                        Then, we acquire the simulation window of the main file execution.

Result of Main File Execution

Step: 4 Packet Delivery Ratio

            Finally, we acquire the result for the packet delivery ratio in the format of graph.

Result of Packet Delivery Ratio

             Hopefully, we have come up with the most wanted process to calculate the packet delivery ratio in Ns3. What else? Just begin to implement by your own and hit us through various platforms if assistance required.