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How to Modify the Noxim Simulator for the Network on Chip

         We have described all the steps that are involved in the process of modifying the Noxim simulator mainly for the network on chip. Before getting to know about the process of modifications, we have to know what Noxim simulator is.

Keynotes of Noxim Simulator

        The open source cycle accurate simulator is developed in C++ and integrating the system C for heterogeneous wired and wireless network on chip architectures which are estimating the performance and energy consumption is denoted as the Noxim simulator. Along with the, it includes two significant elements such as,

  • Communication infrastructure
  • Tile nodes

Modifications of Noxim Simulator for Network on Chip

        Mainly, the .yaml file in Noxim simulator includes the process of configuration settings and that are required to enhance the process. The modifications in .yaml configuration based on Noxim are highlighted below.

  • traffic_trace_flit_headtail_size
  • It is about the size of packages in the modeled network topology
  • traffic_trace_filename
  • It provides the name of input trace without processing element
  • traffic_distribution
  • The random, transpose, hot spot, table based, bit reversal, shuffle and butterfly are the elements that are set to the traffic distribution. The extension of parameters used to add the traffic trace option

        On the other hand, the .cpp file in Noxim simulator includes the global parameters to forward the configuration process. Let’s see the modifications processes based on cpp file in Noxim simulator.

  • cpp
  • It includes the process of modifications in send-wait-send control flow and stop trace criteria in the simulation process
  • cpp
  • Controller input is added in buildMesh() method to recognize the input to trace the simulation
  • cpp
  • It is modified to fix memory leakages
  • cpp
  • Novel code file is added to receive the input traces and carry to the simulator
  • cpp
  • The loadConfiguration() method is modified to load the configuration parameters on traffic trace

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