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How to use ‘awk’ in TCL script awk TCL UNIX

Did you guys know how to use ‘awk’ in TCL script? If you don’t know, No worries!!! This article will helps you as a proper guide to use ‘awk’ in the TCL script. Let’s start this!!!

Awk Script

   To calculate the number of data transferred, then execute the following awk code,

   event = $1;

                 time = $2;

                                    printtime =$2;

                 if (event == “+” || event == “-“) node_id = $3;

                 if (event == “r” || event == “d”) node_id = $4;

                 flow_id = $8;

                 pkt_id = $6;

Awk in TCL script in UNIX

       The following TCL script code is used to calculate the performance metrics based on the awk based auto genertated trace file,

     exec awk -f Energy.awk OUT.tr > AODV_100Nodes_Energy.tr

     exec awk -f Throughput.awk OUT.tr > AODV_100Nodes_Throughput.tr

The following TCL code is used to execute the Xgraph based auto generated trace file,

    exec xgraph AODV_100Nodes_Energy.tr -t “Energy Graph” -x “No.of.Nodes” -y “Energy” -bg pink &

   exec xgraph AODV_100Nodes_Throughput.tr -t “Throughput Graph” -x “No.of.Nodes” -y “Throughput” -bg pink &

If you have queries based on the purpose to use ‘awk’ in TCL script, please reach us.