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Install OMNeT++ on Windows

           Our technical experts have highlighted the effective steps based on the installation of OMNeT++ mainly in windows.

OMNeT++ 5.6.2 Package Download

         As the fist process, we have to download the packages based on OMNeT++ – 5.6.2 and that downloaded packages have to be stored in d:\ drive location. In addition, the below mentioned URL is used to download the OMNeT++ packages.


URL to Download OMNeT++

Installation of OMNeT++ 5.6.2

          Then, we have to configure the downloaded packages and that has to be installed as the simultaneous process through the execution of the below mentioned commands in the prompt window.

. setenv



Installation of OMNeT++

         To conclude this handout, we are assuring that we provide the appropriate research assistance for the research scholars.