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Is Ns-3 a Cloud Simulator

                As the matter of fact, ns3 is not belongs to the cloud based simulation and it is the network simulator but we can integrate ns3 with the cloud simulator. Let’s see how ns3 is functional in the cloud simulator.

Integration of Ns3 with Cloud Simulator

               Initially, we have to integrate the ns3 with cloud simulator through the utilization of the below mentioned code in the cloudsim project jar file based on the ns3 main simulation file.

system("java -jar MainForClousim.jar");

Execute Ns3 Main File With Cloudsim

           The cloud based simulation has to be created for the implementation of ns-3 main file with cloudsim through the execution of the below mentioned commands.

cd /home/research/ns-allinone-3.26/ns-3.26
sudo ./waf --run MainForClousim –vis
Execution of Ns-3 Main File

              As an additional note, we have highlighted the results that are acquired through the implementation of ns-3 main file along with the cloudsim.

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