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            Generally, computer network consists numerous computer which is connected through the wires or cable. It is also wireless with the functions of data transmission and interchange among the data resources. The computer network is created using some software such as business applications and operating systems and the hardware such as the switches, cables, routers, and access points. Reach out this space more often to get updated about networking research areas.

            In addition, our research experts have more knowledge about the protocols and general outline of the communication networks such as packet classification, congestion control, network topology design, routing, in-network storage, media access control, and forwarding. And we provide support in other networking research fields such as energy networks, social networks, and transportation networks.

            The structure and perspective of network protocols and structural design are multifaceted for our research experts. Hereby, we have listed down the advantages of the networking system.

Benefits of Networking

  • Robustness
    • Dynamic Access
    • Spectrum Profiling
    • Adaptive Bandwidth
  • Performance
    • Lower Latency
    • High Throughput
  • Energy
    • Adaptive Requirements

Research Challenges in Networking

  • Energy
    • Computational Overhead
    • Spectrum Sensing
  • Performance
    • Minimize Negotiations
    • Control Packets Transparency
  • Robustness
    • Uncertainty
    • Channel Selection
Top 10 Networking Research Areas

What are the important problems in networking?

  • Low Robustness
    • For network dynamics, the offline optimization is essential
    • Ruined performance is occurred due to the defective and outdated model parameters
  • High Overhead
    • Federal processing is essential for lot of offline algorithms and the network entities circulation
    • Replacement of timely information creates the highly overhead in the network densification
  • High Complexity
    • In polynomial time, it creates the impracticable optimal solution
    • Intractable and non convex are the significant issues in the wireless networks

List of Networking Research Areas

Project Ideas in Networking

  • MAC Layer
    • Network Slicing
    • Hardware Sleeping Control
    • Resource Allocation
    • Mobility Management
    • Scheduling
  • Application Layer
    • Network Function Virtualization
    • Caching
    • Wireless Localization
    • Multimedia Transmission
  • Physical Layer
    • Beam Selection
    • Modulation Coding
  • Network Layer
    • Software Defined Wireless Networks
    • Data Aggregation
    • Network Management
    • Routing
    • Load Balancing
  • Transport Layer
    • Congestion Control

Current Active Research Areas in Networking

  • M2M and IOT
  • Software Defined Networking
  • Network or Cyber Security
  • Applications, Network and Cloud Systems

For additional information, practicality is one of the unique aspects of our research team. Due to that we have listed down the research aspects of the performance metrics in the networks.

Performance Metrics in Networks

  • Wireless Virtualization Specific Metrics
    • Path Length
    • Utilization Stress
    • Throughput
    • Isolation Level
    • Delay
  • Metrics of Traditional Wireless Networks
    • Spectrum Efficiency
    • Coverage
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Capacity
    • Costs
    • Service Latency
    • Deployment Efficiency
    • Revenue
    • Signalling Delay
    • QOS

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