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Ns Network Simulator Ns3

What is Ns Network Simulator?

            ns Network simulator includes the functionalities based on testing protocols through the emulation of properties in network with the utilization of measurement scenarios and QoS testing. The existing version of network simulators and the implementation of simulation process related to the reordering, duplication, loss and variable delay.

Uses of Ns Network Simulator

            Following this, our research experts have stated a short note about the significant functions of ns network simulator Ns3. It is essential for the research scholars to get to know about its key utilizations.

  • Network simulator is considered as the computer network which is capable to be modeled along with the assistance of applications, devices, links and performance based on network that is reported. The available process of novel technologies and network utilization such as
  • Ad hoc networks of vehicles
  • LTE
  • WSNs
  • Ad hoc networks of mobiles
  • WLANs
  • 5G
  • IoT
  • UAV network and drone swarm communication simulation process
  • It is created as the defense applications such as tactical data links, radio based MANET radios, VHF, UHF and HF
  • Delay studies and 5G capacities are deployed for the service providers and the regulator process
  • Validation of network design are deployed for the process such as
  • Sensors network
  • Data centers
  • Enterprises
  • Ns3 and OMNeT++ is considered as the discrete event and open source simulators which provides the application programming interfaces (APIs) are scripted as ANSI using C++ and C. It is capable to permit the schematizing several types of wired and wireless networks through the network nodes and application programming

          To ensure these characteristics and functions in ns network simulator Ns3 the research scholars need to be well-versed in the structure, functions and applications based on the ns network simulator Ns3. In depth research guidance with all practical explanations are provided by our world class certified team of experts. You can use our 24/7 customer support facility to get your queries resolved. Below, we have enlisted the notable applications based on ns network simulator Ns3.

Applications in ns Network Simulator            

  • Collaborative sensor data management application
  • It is about the provision of interface for users and the middleware that includes the business logic which is required for the process of sensor data management. It is applicable for the storage model with the efficient storage and the retrieval of the massive data volumes
  • Mesh sensors applications
  • It is capable to measure the heart rate, sleep quality and exertion that is capable to track the exact movement in body. This technology includes sensors and wireless network of sensors that are integrated along with the garments for the indescribable amount of data points. Wireless body area network is functional for the simulation process

List of Ns Network Simulator Versions

  • OMNeT++4.6
  • OMNeT++ model is created through the components used to communicate through the message exchange. The modules are capable to nest and some modules are combined together to create the compound module and while creating the model which is required to map the system in the format with the communicating modules
  • Simulation models in OMNeT++
  • Cell communication signaling project
  • Cyber physical systems simulator framework
  • CMM and ORBIT
  • SOLAR mobility models for OMNeT++
  • CDNSim
  • Content distribution networks simulator
  • Car optical burst switching simulator
  • CAN
  • Controller area network model
  • BLE
  • Bluetooth low energy model
  • Artery
  • V2X simulation framework for ETSI ITS-G5
  • Antnet
  • Model implementation an Ant based routing algorithms
  • AntNet-CL and AntNet-CO
  • Aerial vehicle network simulator
  • AQT model
  • Adversarial queuing framework
  • ANSA
  • Automated network simulation and analysis
  • AFDX
  • Avionics full duplex switched Ethernet model for OMNeT++
  • GloMosim
  • It is created through the parallel discrete event simulation capability with the provision through Parsec and the parallel programming language. It is supportive for the protocols that is functional for the wireless network
  • Layer aggregation
  • In simulation, number of layers and number of entities are increased. Execution of problems and scalability are leading the simulation process
  • Node aggregation process
  • It is about the node aggregation and the single entity that is used to simulate the network nodes. It is implied in several number of nodes in system to increase the similar number of entities in the simulation
  • Models currently in GloMosim library
  • Application
  • FTP
  • Telnet
  • Transport
  • UDP
  • TCP
  • Network
  • WRP
  • DSR
  • OSPF
  • Bellman ford
  • Flooding
  • Data link
  • 11
  • FAMA
  • MACA
  • CSMA
  • Physical radio propagation
  • Ricean
  • Rayleigh
  • Free space
  • Mobility models in GloMosim
  • It is supportive for two various node mobility models. The nodes are capable to move as per the model and that is mentioned as random waypoint model and another one is random drunken
  • Random waypoint
  • Random destination is selected through the nodes with the simulated terrain and particular speed about the file configuration
  • Random drunken
  • It is denoted as the periodical moves based on the position that is selected for the immediate neighboring process
  • There are some alterations in frequencies and node position which is related to particular parameter in the configuration file
  • Ns – 2.35
  • Ns2 is considered as the simple event driven simulation tool which is proved to utilize the study of communication networks in the dynamic nature. Ns2 is deployed for the simulation of wired and wireless network functions and protocols such as
  • UDP
  • TCP
  • Routing algorithms
  • RED
  • Random early detection is abbreviated as RED and it is denoted as random discard and drop for the queuing discipline for the network scheduler and that is suitable for the congestion avoidance
  • CBR
  • Constant bit rate is abbreviated as CBR and Ns2 is functional with the UDP and TCP to create the packets based on traffic source behavior of packets. The traffic modeling process is considered as the significant parameter in Ns2 and the transport protocols are functional in this process
  • DropTail
  • It is considered as the traditional technique to manage the network nodes and queue length through setting the maximum queue length in all the queue which is used to accept the incoming packets with the maximum length. The incoming packets are discarded with the reduction of queue size
  • Agents
  • It is deployed as to separate the state of protocols over the nodes and it is constantly connected with nodes. There will be a specific recognizer for agents and all the agents has its own name

         For all these versions in network simulation we provide complete support through our research professionals using all the key notes. We also encourage the research scholars to come up with their ideas in research. Our technical team gives you handy resources for any topic of research. In the following section, we have given the description about the notable research titles in ns network simulator Ns3.

Dissertation Topics in Ns Network Simulator

  • Stack based location identification of malicious node in RPL attack using average power consumption
  • Towards a URLLC aware programmable data path with P4 for industrial 5G networks
  • Fog layer based DDoS attack detection approach for internet of things (IoT) devices
  • A secure and LoRaWAN compatible user authentication protocol for critical applications in the IoT environment
  • A secure adaptive control for cooperative driving of autonomous connected vehicles in the presence of heterogeneous communication delays and cyber attacks

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