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Introduction of Ns3

         The graphical network simulator is considered as Ns3 and this permits the users to functions the multiple emulated systems with the elements such as,

  • Windows virtual machines
  • Linux virtual machine
  • Vyatta routers
  • Juniper routers
  • Cisco routers

        In addition to that, the GNS3 is supportive for both the simulated and the emulated devices. Next, let’s move on to the significant uses of GNs3 software defined network in the following.

Procedures of GNs3 SDN

          The amalgamation of virtual and real devices is deployed to simulate the complex networks and it utilizes the dynamics emulation software for the simulation of Ciso IOS. The users can utilize the Ns3 for the emulation of Ciso IOS with other vendors. The capability of GNs3 is used to emulate the process of routing and switching with the incorporate real virtual machines for the process of connection thorough the tunneling system.

Notable Modules in Ns3 SDN

          Below, our research professionals have enlisted the list of modules that are required in the research process of Ns3 software defined network.

  • Ansible module
  • It is considered as the galaxy collections of repository in the GNs3 server REST API with the utilization of Ns3fy
  • For installation process, this module includes that the user have to install the Ns3fy pip and install Gns3fy

Vital Classes in Ns3 SDN

         The research scholars have to know about the list of significant classes in this research field Ns3 software defined network.

  • TemplateManager
  • It is deployed to regulate the template process and accomplish the process of topology
  • BaseNode
  • It is used in the implementation of BaseNode and that is related to the client connection, module instance and parameters to server data and the occurrence of project

Intergrated Tools in Ns3 SDN

         For your ease, our research experts in network simulation have listed out the notable tools that are used to execute the research projects based on Ns3 software defined network.

  • OpenvSwitch
  • It is denoted as the multi-layer virtual switch and used in the network devices
  • Faucet
  • It is considered as the easy process to setup and install and the condensed SDN controller

Programming Languages in Ns3 SDN

         The implementation of research projects includes some software and hardware requirements. Ns3 software defined networks based projects are includes some programming languages such as.

  • Python

OS Support in Ns3 SDN

        The operating systems are considered as one of the main components in research project implementation process. In addition, we have highlighted some OS support which is essential for the research projects in Ns3 SDN.

  • Ubuntu – 16.04
  • Ubuntu – 14.04

Tools Version in Ns3 SDN

        In the list of software components, the versions based on tools also plays the significant role while implementing the research projects in Ns3 software defined network. For your reference, we have highlighted some of the tools versions that are used in the process of execution.

  • Version – 2.2.21
  • Version – 2.2.22

Dynamic Protocols in Ns3 SDN

        The research scholars have to know about the selection of protocols which is apt for the research process. So, we have enlisted some of the protocols that are required for the research based on Ns3 SDN.

  • Path computation element communication protocol (PCEP)
  • The path computation element (PCE) is the entity that includes the capability of network path computing on the network graph and applies the computational constraints in. In addition, the path computation client (PCC) is considered as the client application for the process of requesting the path computation that have to be performed over the PCE and the this protocol is used to permit the communication among PCE and PCC or else the PCEs
  • Network configuration protocol (NETCONF)
  • It is denoted as the standard based IETF network configuration management protocol. This protocol is used to reduce the given time towards the network configuration management and it includes minimum of cost. It is capable for the automatic configuration process and southbound interface of SDN includes this protocol which is deployed to connect the forwarding plane and control the plane
  • Open vSwitch database (OVSDB)
  • It is considered as the management protocol in the environment based on software defined networking. Along with that, it is the open source virtual switch that is designed for the linux based hypervisors. It permits the process of remote configuration with the utilization of legacy protocols including the simple network management protocol

Topical Subjects in Ns3 SDN

         There are various research fields in software defined networking so the research scholars have to select the appropriate and ongoing research field for their research. To make that process ease, we have enlisted the significant research subjects in Ns3 software defined networking.

  • Software defined networking and network virtualization
  • It is the notable approach in the networking process using the software based controllers and the application programming interfaces to communicate with the direct traffic and underlying hardware infrastructure. The process of network virtualization permits the organization to segment the virtual networks along with the single physical network are to connect the devices based on various physical networks for the creation of single virtual network and software defined networking is to permit the novel way to control routing and data packets with the centralized server
  • SDN and NFV
  • The fundamental similarity among the software defined networking and the network functions of virtualization is the utilization of network abstraction. SDN is the search to separate the functions of network control from the functions of network forwarding. It is based on the process of virtualization to permit the network designs and the structural design of software to implement the underlying software and hardware devices and platforms

Parameters Used in Ns3 SDN

          The following is about the list of simulation parameters that are used in the experimental result analysis of the research projects based on Ns3 software defined network.

  • Start time
  • End time
  • Data rate
  • UDP buffer size
  • TCP window size
  • Number of transmission
  • Controller
  • Number of base station (STA)
  • Number of access point (AP)

Major Syntax in Ns3 SDN

        In general, the syntax is considered as the composition of the research projects. Therefore, we have highlighted the significance of Ns3 software defined networking syntax based on the configuration of nodes in the following.

# node statuses
stopped = 0
started = 1
suspended = 2
# node categories
routers = "router"
switches = "switch"
end_devices = "guest"
security_devices = "firewall"
def __init__(self, module, compute, project):
# create an unique ID
self._id = BaseNode._instance_count
BaseNode._instance_count += 1
self._module = module
self._compute = compute
assert project is not None
self._project = project
self._initialized = False
self._loading = False
self._status = BaseNode.stopped
self._ports = []
self._links = set()
def links(self):
""" Links connected to this node """
return self._links
def addLink(self, link):
""" Add a link connected to this node :param link: link object """
def deleteLink(self, link):
""" Delete a link connected to this node :param link: link object """
try: self._links.remove(link) except KeyError:
def state(self):
""" Returns a human readable status of this node. :returns: string """
status = self.status()
if status == self.started:
return "started"
elif status == self.stopped:
return "stopped"
elif status == self.suspended:
return "suspended"
return "unknown"

Important Applications in Ns3 SDN

           For your reference, our research professionals have enlisted the significant research applications based on Ns3 software defined networking in the following.

  • Distributed application control and cloud integration
  • It is considered as the finest advantage in SDN because it includes the capability to extend all the data centers and it is the type of agility used to integrate the distributed cloud, locations and etc.
  • It is the method based on network virtualization and the powerful APIs are used to integrate the cloud providers and regulate the network services

Required Algorithms in Ns3 SDN

            Here, we have stated the substantial algorithms are that used in the implementation of research projects based on Ns3 in software defined network.

  • Bat algorithm
  • It is applicable in the SDN network scheduling process and that is denoted as the hybridized along with various evolution strategies. It is considered as the promising results with standard benchmark functions and that is provided to enhance the original bat algorithm
  • Shortest feasible OpenFlow path algorithm
  • It is designed to identify the optimal route from the source to destination with the provision of effective utilization in SDN and WAN resources. In addition, its main intention is to consider about both the flow requirements and the existing state of the network and then it computes the optimal path and it provides the feasible bandwidth and the hop count
  • Minimum interference routing algorithm
  • It is considered as the minimum of routing process with the instrumental process to MPLs traffic engineering through the realistic assumption of all the traffic demands. It provides the new algorithm for the minimum of routing interference and that is called as the light minimum interference routing. It is considered as the introduction of novel approaches in the critical link identification for the reduction of computational complexity

Trending Areas in Ns3 SDN

          For your ease, we have enlisted the notable research areas that are deployed in the research based on Ns3 in software defined network.

  • Network operations and management
  • The software defined networks are sought to meet the requirements through decoupling and centralizing the control of network fabric configuration through data flow. It is implemented and managed correctly with SDN through the provision of rapid alterations to enhance performance levels to demand the scales and that introduce the notable changes in traditional device centric model
  • Peer to peer
  • Multiple independent controllers are used to regulate the own networks for the controllers and it is required as the state of alteration events in the structural design of control panel. The traffic engineering in peer to peer SDN is administrator through one operator

Significant Process in Ns3 SDN

          Here, we have depicted the process used to execute the research based on Ns3 in software defined network.

  • OpenFlow switch
  • Forwarding information base
  • Routing information base
  • Path computation
  • Topology discovery
  • Routing protocols
  • Internal structure

Routing Protocols in Ns3 SDN

          Below, our research experts have highlighted the significant routing protocols used in the Ns3 in software defined network.

  • DMRP
  • The disjoint multipath routing protocol is abbreviated as DMRP and it is deployed to create various routes of data transmission process and to support the packets with salvaging with minimum overhead
  • ISIS
  • Intermediate system to intermediate system is the routing protocol that is designed to move data efficiently surrounded by the computer network and the group of physically connected computers

Latest Project Title in Ns3 SDN

            Our research professionals have enlisted the topical and innovative research topics based on the research field software defined networking. Here, we have explained the functions of project implementation through the screenshots of implementation in Ns3 software defined networking.