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PhD Research Topics in Cellular Network

         In actual fact! Our technical experts are providing the complete research support for the research scholars based on the implementation of research projects based on cellular network through this article. Come, let’s have a look at the substantial research topics in cellular network.

  • Video transmission and streaming
  • real time video traffic scheduling
  • H and off management
  • Massive channel access
  • Fast content search
  • Bulk and multimedia streaming
Cellular Network Simulation

Cellular Network Projects

           Additionally, our research professionals have enlisted some research projects in the research field based on cellular network.

  • LSTM RNN for traffic forecasting in cellular networks
  • An auction method for federated learning in wireless cellular networks using incentive mechanism
  • A hybrid energy powered cellular networks using based chance constrained energy management and distributional robust optimization
  • Time varying delays on time scales in quaternion valued fuzzy cellular neural networks
  • Device to device underlaid cellular networks using power control and channel access
  • A stackelberg game approach based full duplex device to device underlaid cellular network using power control
  • Deep neural network for effective full duplex D2D in SWIPT empowered cellular networks
  • Clusters of congested cells using multi depth load balance scheme in ultra-dense cellular network
  • An energy efficient ultra-dense heterogeneous cellular networks using stochastic geometry analysis of downlink spectral
  • Dense mmWave cellular networks using terminal mobility through radio resource allocation scheme
  • Mobile edge computing based small cellular networks using resource caching and task migration strategy
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle localization in with cellular networks via hybrid channel adaptive algorithm
  • Multiuser based 5G cellular networks using context aware spectrum sharing and allocation
  • A dynamic content popularity using caching in backhaul aware cellular networks
  • 5G ultra dense cellular networks for G/M/1 based DDoS attack mitigation
  • Heterogeneous cellular networks based reinforcement learning using interference coordination stackelberg games
  • Cellular automata based information spreading in online social networks
  • Data transmission in WSN based mobile cellular networks using intertwine connection based routing path selection
  • Downlink heterogeneous cellular networks using energy offloading and joint user association
  • Multiple D2D group communications in cellular networks using throughput maximization

         Now, the research scholars can implement the projects based on cellular network and if any assistance required you people can reach us.