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PhD Research Topics in Device Communication

            Our team of PhD holders is well experienced in this field of communication and now let’s gets to know about the significance based on device communication and take a look about the significant research topics in the field of device communication.

  • Joint models
  • Power allocation
  • Scheduling
  • Coverage and capacity improvement
  • Adaptive multiple D2D pairs
  • D2D enabled cellular networks
  • Power allocation
  • Best relay selection
Device Communication Simulation

Device Communication Projects

        For your reference, our research experts have highlighted some project topics based on the device communication.

  • An effective deep reinforcement learning approach for power optimization in D2D communication
  • Spectral efficiency & data secrecy using two phase network coding based two way DF relaying policy for D2D communication
  • Network coded D2D communication for enhancing data dissemination
  • A design of optimal multi principal & multi agent contract in D2D communications for game theoretic optimization
  • Indoor self-blockage millimeter wave D2D communications using robust resource allocation
  • Trusted & non trusted relays for secure D2D communication via social aware secret key generation
  • An efficient user pairing scheme for resource reuse indicator determination using reconfigurable intelligent surface
  • Enhancement of D2D multicast communication using improved incentive mechanism
  • Multi cell multi band heterogeneous cellular networks based resource allocation in D2D communications
  • An efficiency of narrowband device to device communication using reliability optimization
  • Network coding for machine type communication devices for D2D communications
  • Enhancing spectral efficiency in D2D links using downlink resource sharing in D2D communications
  • Designing transceiver and joint mode selection for D2D communication in multi user MIMO cellular networks
  • Multi-level codebooks for multicast scheduling in D2D based mmWave small cells
  • Adaptive random network coding using hybrid multicast & D2D transmission scheme
  • Dynamic precoding and power allocation policy in D2D communication
  • Interference and hardware distortion noises for D2D mmWave communication
  • An efficient resource allocation scheme for D2D using coalitional games in heterogeneous cellular networks
  • Intelligent reflecting surface for D2D underlying cellular system

         To this end, we hopefully convey that we provide the complete research support for the PhD scholars. In addition, you can ping us to clarify your issues.