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PhD Research Topics in Internet of Things

          In general, Internet of things is everywhere and it is network of several devices connected through the internet. Its main objective is about the connectivity with the internet enables these devices to share and receive data with different objects. We have described the list of notable research topics in IoT.

  • Internet of medical things
  • Security and privacy
  • Semantic IoT and ocean of IoT
  • Web of things
  • Mobile crowd sensing
  • Industry 4.0
Simulation Based on Internet of Things

Internet of Things Projects

          For your reference, we have enlisted the most significant research projects based on internet of things.

  • Signal influencing factor analysis in communication process of IoT smart traffic information for coupling smart transportation
  • Ensuring energy management in IoT based smart homes using intelligent techniques
  • IoT fog computing: Enhancement of quality in industrial healthcare services
  • IoT based blockchain for food anti-counterfeiting traceability system
  • Realization of smart agriculture using system thinking approach for IoT based rice plant productivity enhancement
  • A method to handle IoT’s resources utilizing nature inspired optimization algorithm and Markov model for energy optimization
  • IIoT based edge to cloud sensing and actuation semantics
  • Enhancement of socialization of smart communicative objects in IIoT
  • IoT based blockchain technology for scalable access control scheme
  • An effective and perceptible data sharing in smart cities based on IoT
  • Big data of IoT: An efficient information fusion and early warning of rail transit signal operation & preservation
  • Ensuring IoT security in urban economic network structure with longitudinal features and densities
  • An effective sensor network data forwarding in IoT
  • Internet of things based multistage intrusion detection system
  • Monitoring and management of freight intermodal transportation using e-service provision system architecture in IoT based WSN
  • Privacy preservation for mobile sink in social IoMT using federated learning-based lightweight two factor authentication framework
  • Internet of things based farmland monitoring & livestock management
  • Utilization of AI in mobile healthcare to design and implementation of IoMT
  • Opportunistic internet of things using social relationship based energy efficient routing scheme
  • Private decentralized distributed data for enhancing federated learning approach enhanced internet of health things

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