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PhD Research Topics in M2M Communication

         This article “PhD research topics in M2M communication” is the complete articulation about the research ideas and notable research project topics that have been defined in the field of M2M communication. Let’s start with the list of research topics in M2M communication.

  • Spectral efficiency improvement
  • Smart and device management
  • Short and long range mesh communication sensor
  • M2M based radio link concept
  • Traffic offloading and management
M2M Communication Simulation

M2M Communication Projects

         The above mentioned are denoted as the significant ideas in M2M communication and as add on information we have highlighted some research projects based on M2M communication in the following.

  • Developing M2M communication through secure authentication and key exchange protocol
  • Delay sensitive devices based M2M clustering technique in urban distribution network
  • An efficient disaster rescue through UAV assisted M2M communications & resource allocation
  • Resource efficiency optimization for location aware energy efficient Scheme in M2M communication
  • LTE based community based random access scheme in M2M communication
  • Enhancing M2M communication using ACB scheme based on reinforcement learning
  • Ensuring analysis of throughput and optimization in LTE network using massive random access
  • Demonstration of a tool for M2M communication charging models
  • A development of M2M communication using group based secure lightweight authentication and key agreement protocol
  • Two-tire cellular network for power control & cluster formation in M2M communication
  • Enhancement of cellular M2M networks using group based mobility management mechanism
  • An energy efficiency M2M communication using location aware communication mode selection mechanism
  • Access delay optimization for the access of LTE based M2M communications
  • Enhancing M2M communication using random access technology
  • Clustering and hybrid TDMA-NOMA for cellular network based M2M communication
  • An efficiency of subgroup communication in M2M networks using tree based group Diffie-Hellman technique
  • Enhancement of event driven M2M communications through semi distribution congestion control algorithm
  • Iterative reweighed method in M2M communications for compressive sensing based multiuser detection
  • An effectiveness of heterogeneous M2M communication networks through joint cell selection and power allocation
  • Spatial group based random access technique for effective satellite M2M communications

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