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PhD Research Topics in Mobile Computing

           Are you guys excited to know about the significant research topics in the field of mobile computing? Then stay tuned with this article!!! Our technical professionals have enlisted the notable research notions based on mobile computing for your reference in the following.

  • SDN / NFV mobile communication
  • Physical layer mobile communication
  • Quantum mobile communication
  • Containerized mobile services
  • Mobile VNFs orchestration
Mobile Computing Simulation

Mobile Computing Projects

       For your ease, we have addressed some research projects based on mobile computing which are implemented in recent times.

  • Resource allocation and path planning in mobile edge computing using joint optimization
  • Equilibrium model for elasticity debt analytics exploitation in green mobile cloud computing
  • Image retrieval in mobile edge computing using cloud based feature extraction technique
  • Enhancing mobile cloud computing cloudlets using resource scheduling and robust computation offloading
  • Resourceful social networks in mobile edge computing through fuzzy reasoning routing forwarding algorithm
  • Energy efficient mobile cooperative computing for exploitation non causal CPU state information
  • Mobile edge computing based NOMA for reduction of transaction time difference
  • Development of energy and delay constrained mobile edge computing environments using multi objective computation sharing
  • Execution of mobile edge computing systems using cost effective data accumulation approach
  • Service placement and joint network selection in mobile edge computing using online framework
  • Provision of QoS in mobile cloud computing through crowdsourcing technique
  • Resilient access management in mobile IoT for leveraging edge computing
  • UAV assisted mobile edge computing based computing resource allocation strategy using biological evolutionary algorithm
  • Two phase game theoretical approach for NOMA mobile edge computing
  • Mobile to wired offloading computing execution for edge computing system
  • Enhancement of mobile edge computing using interference aware game theoretic device allocation
  • Design of mobile computing devices & deep leaning based handwritten character recognition system
  • Three tier mobile computing networks using cooperative task offloading
  • Heterogeneous network based three tier computing in energy efficient mobile edge computing

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