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PhD Research Topics in Named Data Networking

         In general, the named data networking is considered as the combination of various research notions. To make that clear for the research scholars, our technical professionals have highlighted this article with the depiction of research notions in named data networking along with the recent research projects in the following.

  • Security and privacy on data transmission
  • Discovery and bootstrapping
  • Rendezvous
  • Namespaces and PID management
  • IP addressing and management
  • Trust models design
  • Data synchronization
Named Data Networking Simulation

Named Data Networking Projects

       Now, let’s we have a glance over the list about the research projects in named data networking? Yah!!! It’s been listed in the following.

  • NDN-IoT approach: Contiki NG OS based medical data retrieval
  • VANET based named data architecture with distributed roadside unit for data dissemination protocol
  • Vehicular named data networks based name to hash encoding scheme
  • Vehicular named data network based identity privacy protection mechanism
  • An effective incremental route update in vehicular named data network
  • Sensory data centric named data networking through elliptic curve based name privacy protection mechanism
  • A load balancing optimization model in high load traffic scenarios & improved Deep DDPG algorithm
  • Deep contextualized pretraining approach in named entity recognition for public interest litigation
  • Signal multilevel features based pseudolite indoor wide area networking technology
  • Automated cyberbullying classification in multimedia social networking using nature inspired approach
  • Multihoming optimization in distributed stream computing through big data networking framework
  • A content centric networking approach via efficient two layered data authentication mechanism
  • Lightweight nature heterogeneous generalized signcryption scheme NDN-IoT environment
  • Vehicular named data network based cooperative cache management for social and popular data
  • Congestion Control based Q-learning and LSTM using intelligent forwarding mechanism
  • Green routing scheme and blockchain based key management in vehicular named data networking
  • Real time multimedia in NSN through anchor less producer mobility management
  • Vehicular network for NDN using cluster based device mobility management
  • IFA detection in named data networking using attention based LSTM model
  • Named data networking based secure dynamic content delivery scheme

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