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PhD Research Topics in Network Attacks

          Sure, our resource team will provide the complete research support for the research scholars to enhance your research skills and create and implement the research project based on network attacks. Let’s start this article with the list of research topics that are deployed in the field of network attacks.

  • Node authentication and access control
  • Behavioral detection in network
  • Node hardware authentication
  • Attacks mitigation by firewall
  • Multi attacks detection by single approach
Network Attack Simulation

Network Attacks Projects

        Along with that, our technical professionals have highlighted some list of projects in network attacks which are implemented by our development team.

  • Attack detection and prevention in wireless sensor networks based on cellular automata trust energy drainage
  • Prevention against data integrity attacks in autonomous vehicle networks using coalitional security
  • Attack detection in power systems against false data injection attacks using critical meter identification & network embedding
  • Supervised learning classifiers for smart defense against DDoS attack
  • Neural networks for detecting false data injection attack results in line congestions
  • A predictive control approach for event triggered security control for networked control systems with cyber attacks
  • Cyber physical system to mitigate black hole attacks in 6LoWPAN RPL based wireless sensor network
  • Array of coupled neural network subjects with event triggered cluster synchronization
  • Machine learning for malicious traffic and block box attack using network intrusion detection
  • Network on chip based black hole router attack using mitigation techniques
  • Internet of things based network partitioning attack against routing protocol
  • Recurrent neural network for IoT based DDoS attack detection
  • Neural networks with mixed attacks using encoding and decoding secure filtering
  • Adversarial attacks of fake finger vein images based spoof detection using robust and ensemble networks
  • Dynamic event triggered mechanism and hybrid cyber-attack for resilient filter of nonlinear network systems
  • Robust optimization approach for securing telecommunication networks against distributed denial of service attacks using virtual network functions
  • Practical network attack and defense using perfect Bayesian Nash equilibrium
  • DWT and auto encoder neural network for SDN via DDoS attack detection and countermeasure scheme
  • False data injection attacks in nonlinear complex cyber physical networks using finite time attack detection
  • Detection of fake access points, frequency sweeping jamming and de-authentication attacks using single supervised learning model

        If you guys have to know more about the implementation of network attacks, then reach us and acquire more.