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PhD Research Topics in Optical Communication

         As the matter of fact, we are providing the appropriate research guidance for the research scholars about the optical communication. Our resource people are well qualified in this field and along with that we have enlisted some research topics based on optical communication.

  • Burst loss probability reduction
  • Secure optical with visual MIMO
  • Packet switching and optimal routing
  • Hybrid optical wireless systems
  • DWDM in fiber optic
Optical Communication Simulation

Optical Communication Projects

        As well as, we have highlighted some of the project list based on the optical communication for your reference.

  • Enhancing WDM application using optical channel drop filter analysis based simple ring resonator 5-channel demultiplexer
  • High scattering multiplexed data transmission using optical orbital angular momentum
  • Large depth 3D scene in reprojected parallax image for optical arbitrary depth refocusing
  • Optical fiber amplifiers & receivers based hybrid configuration using optical networks performance optimization
  • A novel all fiber optic temperature sensor using MoS2 nano sheets coated D-shaped fiber
  • Control of dispersion management using signature of optical fiber communications dispersion compensation techniques
  • Indoor optical wireless communications through optical investigations of Cu2CdSnS4 quaternary alloy nanostructure
  • LED non linearity mitigation in OFDM based optical communications via deep learning techniques
  • Signal power optimization using free space & wired optics communication systems
  • Time varying system configurations with non-Hermitian singularities for optical communication band
  • Enhancement of optical communication using ultra broadband multiplexed OAM emitter
  • Fiber optic communication systems using integrating probabilistic shaping and forward error correction
  • A performance of infrared photo detection in optical communication wavelength through submillimeter 2D Bi2Se3 flakes
  • Signal recovery in optical communication via photonic machine learning implementation
  • Underwater wireless optical communication systems based turbulence induced fading through unified statistical channel model
  • Execution of applications in optical communication using stable all inorganic metal halide perovskite based photodetectors
  • Graphdiyne in optical communication region for ultrafast photonics application
  • Optical communication using high speed signal processing & wide band optical semiconductor amplifier

        In fact, our technical research professionals are always ready to help you guys so reach us and avail more.