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PhD Research Topics in Software Defined Network

         In fact!!! Our technical professionals are always ready to provide the notable guidance based on topic selection because it is the initial stage of research and what the research scholars may feel as complex task. For your reference, we have highlighted some research topics based on the software defined network in the following.

  • Attack detection and mitigation
  • Controller placement
  • Dynamic offloading
  • Buffer and traffic management
  • Multimedia flows routing
  • Flow rule placement
Software Defined Network Simulation

Software Defined Network Projects

      Following that, our resource people have described some substantial research projects based on software defined network.

  • Lion optimization algorithm for efficient routing in software defined networking based multihop and relay process
  • Best worst multi criteria decision making through collection selection in software defined networks
  • Software defined network with mobile edge computing for V2V data offloading
  • Prevention of distributed denial of service attack using intelligent software defined network controller
  • Cloud computing environment with SDN for DDoS attack mitigation
  • An innovative scheme of SDN satellite using service function chain deployment
  • Edge computing environment for packet scheduling with multiple switch software defined networking
  • Software defined data centers using DDPG based energy efficient flow scheduling algorithm
  • An effective software defined networking using vehicular service oriented dynamical routing searching algorithm
  • Protection software defined network environments using validating user flows
  • Dual cluster for software defined intrusion tolerant system
  • Software defined ultra-dense visible light communication networks through cell traffic prediction based CNN
  • An approach of next generation wireless networks using software defined metasurface with reinforcement learning based configuration
  • A framework of vehicle ad hoc networks software defined networking RSU cloud resource management
  • SDN-mobile edge computing: Network function virtualization through QoS based multicast routing
  • Low latency reliable public safety networks using software defined resource slicing
  • Secure software defined networks through blockchain based multi controller architecture
  • Software defined networking with automatic load balancing architecture based on reinforcement learning
  • SDN based DDoS attack detection method in SVM
  • Heterogeneous vehicular networks through software defined collaborative offloading

       The research scholars can reach us at any time to acquire the best knowledge about the software defined network projects