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PhD Research Topics in Underwater Sensor Network

        As the matter of fact, our research professionals have years of experience in this research platform along with that experience we have highlighted the notable research topics based on underwater sensor network in the following.

  • Mobility control in mobile UWSN
  • Gateway placement
  • Range and range free localization
  • Prediction of sensor location
  • Inter and intra cluster transmission
  • Path planning of AUV
Underwater Sensor Network Simulation

Underwater Sensor Network Projects

           As an additional note, our technical experts have described the innovative projects based on the research field underwater sensor network.

  • Fuzzy C means & moth flame optimization technique for under water sensor network using clustering algorithm
  • Localization accuracy enhancement using Doppler shift based genetic algorithm & optimization technique
  • Enhancing underwater sensor network through energy harvesting based routing protocol
  • An effective underwater sensor networks via stateless opportunistic routing protocol
  • Underwater sensor network based scalable scheduling using MAC protocol
  • An approach of multi sensor fusion in underwater sensor network using feedback based target localization
  • Magnetic induction and monitoring in underwater sensor network using data collection technique
  • Utilization of energy conserving collision free protocol in underwater sensor network
  • Underwater sensor network based lifetime extension and energy balancing using routing protocol
  • Mobility constrained beacon for localization in underwater sensor network
  • Enhancing node localization in multi hop underwater sensor networks using AoA support
  • Underwater sensor network with learning based PHY layer authentication
  • Energy efficient underwater sensor network using void-avoidable routing protocol
  • An effective geographic and cooperative opportunistic routing protocol in underwater sensor networks
  • Deep reinforcement learning for privacy preserving localization in underwater sensor networks
  • Mobile edge computing based data collection in underwater sensor network
  • An implementation of new clustering algorithm to prolong underwater sensor network: DEKCS
  • Multi-AUVs in underwater sensor network for high availability data collection
  • A design of physical prototyping in underwater manipulation through three fingered gripper technique
  • Underwater routing protocols with sink mobility and energy balancing

        To this end, our technical experts are providing the complete support for the research scholars to implement their research in underwater sensor network