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PhD Research Topics in Vehicular Sensor Network

          As a general note, our technical folks have been enriched in the field of vehicular sensor network and this article is about the description of most significant research notions in vehicular sensor network which are deployed to develop a PhD research project in vehicular sensor network.

  • Traffic congestion info collection
  • Collision avoidance over Interactions
  • Cyber security aspects under VSN
  • Real time mobile sensing
  • VSN (4G. 5G and beyond)
  • Content dissemination in VSN
Vehicular Sensor Network Simulation

Vehicular Sensor Network Projects

       Our technical people have enlisted the notable PhD research projects based on the vehicular sensor network field.

  • An incentive mechanism with non-cooperative game theoretic approach for spectrum resource sharing in heterogeneous vehicular networks
  • Multi norms regularized matrix completion for noise tolerant wireless sensor networks localization
  • An assisting OTFS transmission using integrated sensing and communication technique in vehicular network
  • A novel mobility information for strategic sensing technique in vehicular network
  • Joint K-means clustering and software defined networking removing framework in vehicular network
  • Uncertain mobility information for crowd sensing in vehicular networks
  • An improved broadcasting efficiency in both highway and urban vehicular sensor network using mobility prediction based multi directional broadcasting protocol
  • SDN enabled distributed architecture for UASNs using delay sensitive spatiotemporal routing
  • UAV’s trajectory optimization for effective charging in Wireless rechargeable sensor networks
  • Air ground integrated mobile edge computing framework for vehicular visual sensor networks
  • Predictive beamforming with integrated sensing and communication in vehicular networks
  • Platoon based vehicular network using edge pre caching technology
  • Software defined fault tolerance and QoS-Aware IoT based vehicular networks using edge computing
  • Cost effective urban environment sensing solution for vehicular network
  • Age aware vehicular participatory sensing networks using distributed data collection
  • Opportunistic communication using reliable code dissemination in vehicular wireless networks
  • Fast information dissemination in vehicular social networks through age of information modeling and optimization
  • Cache aided multi sensor cloud with QoS aware vehicular sensor
  • Sensor data dissemination in multi hop MmWave vehicular networks using blockage avoidance
  • Next generation vehicular tracking applications in vehicular networks using improved RSSI

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