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QualNet Simulator

        Research students are facing some issues while creating and implementing new scenario in QualNet. Thus, our research experts have provided this article and it is created to encounter all the difficulties in the process of QualNet simulator. Let’s start this article with the steps that are required to open QualNet simulator.

Start QualNet Simulator

       Initially, we have to open the QualNet simulator in Windows DOS through changing the directory to %QUALNET_HOME%\gui\netbeans\bin and typing runidew.exe and press the enter button.

Create New Scenario

        To create the new scenario based on QualNet simulator, then we have to follow the steps that are highlighted in the following.

  • Go to file menu and select new option
  • In the new wizard select Templates > Scenario > Scenario.scn
  • Ensure the QualNet location and save with the specified name with the file extension .scn
  • In ScenarioFileSystems window, click on the inspector tab and goto ConfigSettings and select general option
  • Select the files created for scenario
  • Click on devices tab in the components tool bar and add the needed nodes
  • To add links, add a wireless subnet by clicking on the network components > wireless network button and clicking
  • Click on the applications tab FTP/GENERIC button and add applications between the nodes

          We hope that we have provided the required information to download QualNet simulator. This article is not an end for our research guidance, the research scholars can contact as at any time to clarify their research complexions and we are providing 24/7 support for the researchers.