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Simulation on Networking Routing and Switching

        As the matter of fact, our experienced technical professionals are well qualified and ready to provide appropriate research guidance. Without any delay, let’s see the significance of networking routing and switching in the following.

         Routing is considered as the path selection in any network and the communication among two nodes in the interconnected network to acquire various paths and it is deployed to select the finest path through the utilization of predetermined rules. In addition, the switching is about transferring the data packets and blocks over the network switches.

       For your ease, we have highlighted the sample code for networking routing and switching based on AODV routing protocol.

  • Header file initialization

#include “ns3/aodv-module.h”

  • Configuration of AODV protocol
AodvHelper aodv;
Ipv4StaticRoutingHelper staticRouting;
Ipv4ListRoutingHelper list;
list.Add (staticRouting, 0);
list.Add (aodv, 1);
• Transfer or Switching Packets
for( uint32_t i=0;i AddressValue IoTAddress
(Inet6SocketAddress (IoTIp, Port));
initializeSF = true;
OnOffHelper onoff
("ns3::TcpSocketFactory", Address ());
onoff.SetAttribute ("Remote", IoTAddress);
onoff.SetAttribute ("OnTime", StringValue ("ns3::ConstantRandomVariable[Constant=1]"));
onoff.SetAttribute ("OffTime", StringValue ("ns3::ConstantRandomVariable[Constant=0]"));
onoff.SetAttribute ("DataRate", DataRateValue (dataRate));
onoff.SetAttribute ("PacketSize", UintegerValue (packetSize));
ApplicationContainer IoTApp = onoff.Install (c);
IoTApp.Start (Seconds (20.0));
IoTApp.Stop (Seconds (30.0));}

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