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What are the Features of Contiki OS

          Let’s discuss the significance characterizations based on Contiki OS along with the guidance of our research professionals.

         In general, the Contiki is denoted as the open source operating system mainly for the internet of things and it is deployed to connect the tiny low cost and low power microcontrollers towards the internet.

          Consequently, we have highlighted the significant characteristics of Contiki OS in the following.

  • Document system control
  • Contiki OS is deployed to provide the guidance for all the gadgets over the espresso flash file system for the implementation of IoT based process
  • Memory and process management
  • Contiki provide assistance to the memory block allocation and trendy “C” style allocation along with malloc ( )
  • Communication management
  • It is supportive for both the IPv4 and IPv6 implementations and that includes the protocols such as
  • HTTP
  • UDP
  • TCP

          To this end, we hope that our knowledgeable research professionals have provided the essential data to know about the features of Contiki OS.